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  • 18 May 2024
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Has anyone ACTUALLY received one of these rebates? I applied for the business one and NEVER heard back. I cannot even apply for the home one as the site never works…

Is it just a big scam?


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5 replies


I received my rebate 8 weeks after I applied for it.

I received my email from Tmobile stating my $200 prepaid rebate was approved. Click on link below to get the card. So I did. Entered my mobile number and my network phone number both, neither worked. Says invalid cannot confirm. Tried multiple times, never works. So I found a phone number to onbe who runs the card given by Tmobile. Called not very reassuring, said he found my info for card and all he can do is send me a check in mail. So I said ok and then the amount on email went from $200 on card to $0. So hopefully I receive my check in mail in 7-10 days. This process is ridiculous for new customers who are promised a rebate. Not good Tmobile do better for your customers if yo want to keep them. 

I received my rebate 8 weeks after I applied for it.

Did the link you was sent in email work to get the card? 

I was told in February when I signed up that I would get a $200 prepaid rebate card, just like the offer they are making now on their website. I just got confirmation that my rebate of $100 was now available. I will be pursuing the other $100. 


So my sister signed up with T-Mobile internet and was told she'd get a $200 prepaid Mastercard, and then the rep said he'd throw in $150 of Instacart. Well, she went to go submit them, and the Instacart promo didn't work. A call was made to T-Mobile to see why, and they advised her it was because that promo had expired and should never have been offered, so they compensated her with another prepaid card. Well, when she went to redeem that, it went through fine. However, when it was past the timeframe to be sent to her, she called in, and they said she would only get one of the cards because it was a duplicate submission according to them. Mind you, when she was told she'd get both, she asked if they'd be there before Christmas, and they promised her they would, so she planned on using those cards for her kids' Christmas gifts and didn't budget any of her money to get them gifts. Well, the cards ended up NOT showing up, and she was eventually mailed a check at the beginning of the year, but she wasn't able to get her kids anything except for what Angel Tree gave her for them, and some of the kids are too old to qualify for Angel Tree. It was a disaster and such a failure on T-Mobile's part, and nobody acted in the least bit like they even gave a crap. Long story short, there's a 50/50 chance you'll get this if you qualify.