Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway Software Updates

  • 1 April 2023
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I am using a Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway on the T Mobile network and my current SW version is 1.2.74. How to I get the newest SW version 1.2.8A ??

4 replies

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@sdboy i am pretty sure the firmware updates are delivered automatically from T-Mobile. I have watched mine update over the past year and I have not done anything to prompt the update. Patience I think. 

It’s been a very long time now. How about it...TMO?

I also have this question. I had the Nokia and last week support tried twice to push an update to it- it was 3 versions behind. Push failed, so they made me exchange it for the Sagecom 5688w (charged me $35 activation fee) on version 1.2.74. Rebooted at least twice, and one reset since I got it on Tuesday, May 23rd. No update yet, and obviously concerned since Nokia stopped updating some time ago. Options are limited in my area, but seriously starting to consider satellite, so disappointed with T-Mobile.

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It is my experience that the T-Mobile servers push out firmware updates to gateways, so you need to be patient. Unfortunately, there is not a firmware update button on the T-mobile Internet app that you could use to perform updates.