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  • 29 October 2022
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On my Ps4 certain games (call of duty games like warzone) are saying I have a strict nat type and I can’t connect to data center I already contacted the developers of the game and their telling me to contact tmobile which I already did and they said they can’t fix the issue. Anyone know Any other fixes? Port fowarding can’t work on tmobile.

6 replies

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The T-Mobile FAQs do sort of allude to the problems with gaming. You might find using a VPN allows you to get things working but not all VPNs are equal and of course just means more cost per month. Some of the VPNs offer a 30 day period to try it out so it is one option to try. I don’t run games on a PS4 so I can’t say for sure. I am sure one of the gamer guys with an Xbox or PS4 will chime in. They have been there and done that first hand. Best of luck.

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I did forget to mention. Due to CGNAT, there is no port forwarding. While online games that connect to a cloud server are fine with a good TMHI connection, games that use your computer or console as the server have problems, because TMHI blocks inbound only connections.

Some have found success with the cloud server connection and the games. Steam seems to work fine.

From another conversation regarding gaming:

Best answer by PinkMagenta

Hello! I apologize that you are having issues with Home Internet. I personally use T-Mobile Home Internet for Gaming, and I can agree with you it can be a little frustrating getting it to work with Video Games if at all. The reason for this (confirmed by a Supervisor from Home Internet department) is because the High-Speed Gateway lacks the “UPnP” feature which in short terms is used to connect to certain aspects of a Video Game such as Chat Systems for example. Without UPnP, video gaming can be tough. T-Mobile is aware of the issue, and they are working on a fix, but don’t know when it will be released. I hope my answer has helped. Have a great week!

I have Xbox and I bought my T-Mobile router a month ago i was able to play warzone no problem now 2 weeks ago I go to play and it tells me your network is good but there arr some xbox service issues, I spoke to Xbox it’s the router. Might return it and get different internet.

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Some gaming works over the T-Mobile network and some do not. Some gamers find a VPN solution that works well for them. Still might be more economical than some other ISP solutions. It is hard to beat the terms for the T-Mobile network solution. When and where it works. 

@iTinkeralot can you expound on the vpn?  Any recommendations for a certain one and does it affect gaming in other aspects like latency and what not?


just started having these issues today.  Gamed for a good chunk of the day 2 days ago and didn’t have any issues.  I did restart the gateway but forget if it was after that day of gaming.  Maybe the restart helps or at least affects it?  Would a static IP help?  Any changes on the admin dashboard that could help?


I haven’t tried manual port selection on the Xbox series x or my separate T-Mobile router but heard those are more temporary “might work” solutions.


Any updates or knowledge greatly appreciated.

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You can check on Reddit as there are other conversations out there that could be useful. As far as VPNs goes ExpressVPN or Surfshark seem to be somewhat popular. You can search and review the VPNs and commonly find they offer a free trial period. You have to find one that has the features you believe you need and give it a try. More features means more cost for the additional “features”.