T-Mobile Home Internet

  • 17 June 2022
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When I decided to try the Home Internet offering in May, I half expected to end service after the trial period. To my delight, the setup of the Gateway device was straightforward and super simple! My other devices easily connect to its consistently fast and steady WiFi. After a bit of customer service help I've received my rebate for first month of service. I've also got a rebate for price of a Roku device.

What a great deal from a great customer first company!

2 replies

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Thanks for sharing! The vast majority of customers on this community are having various issues and looking for help from others who may have experience with the same issues. It’s rare that someone shares a positive feedback.


My initial post was a reply to someone having an issue similar to mine. When it was resolved by T-Mobile it seemed appropriate to share the plus side.

Thanks for reading it and commenting.