Unable to update the device at this time

  • 4 November 2023
  • 7 replies


When I try to add a schedule for a mobile device in the tmobile internet app I receive the error "Unable to update the device at this time". I get this error for both Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices. I have tried reinstalling the app and restarting the home internet gateway. When will this be fixed?

7 replies

Same here, but will let me manage a couple devices like an Xbox & my camera system but nothing else.... get the same message. 

We are also unable to disable or configure schedules on new devices. On my iphone the pink slider just turns back on. On my husbands android it gives him the “unable to update” error message. 


Same issue here. Need a fix asap.

I'm having this same issue and I need it fixed asap

Same issue, any fix yet?


Yes, same here as well!

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@seth.winkelmann, I have the same issue with the TMO HI app and was wondering when the issue will be fixed.