• 25 February 2023
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The home WiFi service is so frustrating, every single day I have to restart it at least 4 or 5 times to get a decent signal, and when you call customer service they tell you to do the same thing you already done, it’s like they don’t know how to fix there own equipment 

5 replies

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How do you determine that it is a Wifi issue? 

If you experience a slow connection problem, it can be either Wifi signal issue or cellular signal issue. For vast majority of user trouble reports, it is cellular signal issue. I am curious what made you think  that it is a Wifi issue?



Not sure if it’s WiFi or cellular, I know every single day I have to restart or unplug the router to get a connection, not sure why I have to do that , I’m surly not an expert on connection 

I found many of my T-Mobile home internet problems were solved when I installed my own Wi-Fi router instead of using the one that is built into the box. just plug it into the yellow plug on the back.

After days of issues and calls to support, I tried hooking up my own router.  Wow, everything works great now!  Thanks for the tip.  Problem solved! 

I have my own router hooked up but I still have problems. The last couple weeks the internet connection goes in and out all the time. I thought they had fixed it yesterday when they refresh the network on their end, but it started again last night. I wish I could figure out a way to know if it’s my router or if it’s the T-Mobile unit. Anyone have any suggestions?