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  • 11 September 2023
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Hi, dutch person here. i went to the US three months ago and did a prepaid unlimited plan. Fastforward three months and my contract seems to be closed. Going to the us in 5 days- how do i activate this one again? It says ‘no service’ if i put the SIM in.


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the number for that sim card has more than likely already been recycled or is about to. you might opt to contact TMO through one of their social media platforms to see if it can still be activated or if you’ll need to get a new sim card and number.

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The Sim card will need to be replaced.

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SIM cards are single activation only.  Once a prepaid account goes for 60 days without an active plan, the account is closed and the SIM for that account is deactivated.  You will need to purchase a new SIM and sign up for a new account with more than likely, a new number.