Data for long term International travel

  • 22 June 2024
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TMobil global plus costs an extra $50/month and you get 15GB of data.  I am in Greece and will be here for months so it's not turning out good for me.  I found a plant for $70 that is giving me unlimited data for 3 full months? I can do everything I do back home including Prime, Apple TV etc.  My T-Mobil global plus would expire in a few days.  

If I cancel my Global plus plan and receive a call or make a call to the states, what will it cost me?  It's not worth paying $50/mo for something that I am not using.  

3 replies

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Just a heads up, Tmobile can cancel your account for excessive data roaming since Tmobile plans aren't meant for that. 50% of your usage must be on Tmobile towers and after 90 days you may get a text letting you know that your line will be closed.


I wont be gone for 90 days. I dropped the global plus plan and went with the lower cost one which allow for calls. I don’t believe there are any Tmobil towers in Greece. 

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Our International site has a spot where you can type in the country that you will be visiting and it will tell you the costs for that country. International Plans | Traveling Abroad without Roaming Fees | T-Mobile

Looks like Greece gives you unlimited text and data. Calls are $0.25/ minute. There is an option for Wi-Fi calling that can make calls back to the US free. 

  • Calling the US - Connect to Wi-Fi, turn on Wi-Fi calling, and dial to the US number like normal. 
  • Calling someone outside the US - Do NOT connect to Wi-Fi calling for those calls. Turn off Wi-Fi and call the international numbers for the $0.25/minute. If you do it on Wi-Fi, it could cost a few dollars per minute. 

I hope this answers the cost part of your question. Safe travels!