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  • 10 September 2023
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Traveling 2 weeks in French Polynesia then 2 weeks in Australia/New Zealand.     Have the Magenta Max 55+ plan.    Looking to purchase the 30 day international pass.   1)  Am I correct that I can call within these countries and to the USA for free      2)   Data - I don’t understand.     Do I get all texts included just slower speed if I’ve used my 15 gb high speed      3)   Can I make these free calls/text msg while at sea in the above regions


Thank you

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  1. Yes and to many other countries as well.
  2. Yes. You might want to wait until you use your included 5 GB of high-speed data then buy the Pass via the T-Mobile app. You’ll have to pay for calls while you are using your included 5G but it could pay off for you.
  3. Not from a cruise ship. Calls on their cellular systems are like $6/min and are not covered by the Data Pass. If you need at-sea data and calls, I’d recommend buying a WiFi package for the cruise.