International Roaming in UK doesn't work at all!§

  • 11 April 2022
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Hi - nothing has worked - not phone calls, not text, and not data - since arrival five days ago.


I can’t reach anyone at T Mobile customer service. 


Grateful for any help! 

9 replies

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Mobile plan and phone? Have you manually searched for a network?

excerpt from my chat with a T-Mobile agent:


i'm afraid that we don't have towers available in london as of the moment since the london government didn't give us yet the permission to do so , Now how about this since you cannot use your service out there i can temporarily process na unlocking request on your device in that way you can use a local sim card while you are out there how's that ?

I spent $150 for an international data plan which didn't work at all and you were lucky to get a 4GLTE signal, what a waste of money. T-Mobile UK no longer exists they merged with Orange and are now called 22. Most coverages were EDGE and voice was non-existent. I called several times and spent hours in customer care but was no help. T-Mobile used to be a great international coverage carrier. This is no longer.. On another note while in London I roamed on Vodafone Verizon's international partner..

It is now September 2023 and I cannot get any carrier while roaming in the UK. I was told I don’t have to do anything to my phone it will just work. iPhone 13 Pro. Nothing!? Thank goodness for Wi-Fi but it is not always convenient and no good for emergencies. T-Mobile what is going on? You’re leaving us high and dry. I can’t believe you are still advertising on your website. 👎

I've been here in London since Sunday afternoon, so far with T-Mobile roaming data, no issues at all works fine. 

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I've been here in London since Sunday afternoon, so far with T-Mobile roaming data, no issues at all works fine. 

which is a bit nuts since per the TMO site London still isnt covered. Just randomly looked.


For those checking to see if their destination is covered..heres where you check

May, 2024. With tmobile 5g plan. No service in London at all. Only worked when I contacted to a wifi.  

June 2024.  T-Mobile Go5G plan, text and data work great in London, no voice on Apple 14 (locked) and Samsung Galaxy 21 (unlocked).  Text, data, voice works great on Samsung A14 after selecting the network to EE.

At least we have a phone to use. Yesterday we could not contact our ride from the airport, which was very frustrating.  

Having same problem that others have reported. Very weak coverage in London. I thought it was because I had to update IOS (phone has acted weird in the past when I did not update), but did that and it’s still not working. It’s quite frustrating.