A small complaint about text to email.

  • 11 December 2021
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T-Mobile is great! I can’t complain much about the company and service. Except maybe this one small thing.


In the past we’ve had outages in our valley that have affected all phones, both home phones and cellular service, as well as all power and internet. Sometimes these outages have lasted for days. 

So in view of this, I’ve recently decided to become a HAM, also known as a ameteur radio or short wave radio operator.

One of the perks to being a HAM is you can send emails via radio (called Winlink). The best way is, of course, to send them through email to text. People are more likely to respond to a text than to an email.

The complaint:

Now I can send emails via short wave (HF) radio to T-Mobile numbers just fine. But I can’t receive any replies back. The problem seems to be that T-Mobile sends both a picture and a sort of file. Email via short wave radio is quite limited, so I never get the emails.

I don’t have this problem with AT&T or Verizon numbers. With those I get a simple email back and I can receive it over radio just fine. I haven’t tried any other text to email services to see if anyone else is doing the same as T-Mobile.


It’s not a huge deal. I can always just send them emails through normal email. I can also tell them in the text to reply via normal email as long as I have the email address they will be using. I can’t receive emails if I don’t have their email address programmed in first, so they can’t just reply with any email account. However, as long as I have all that worked out before another disaster I’m good.

But if T-Mobile would kindly get rid of the excess stuff (advertising) in their text to email messages I would highly appreciate it.

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can we use cox e mail addresses if we switch to t mobil internet???