combined over twenty-three or twenty-four years Sprint in there T-Mobile customer... HOUSTON WE NOW HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM I'M ABOUT TO WALK HAVE HIM THE WAY I WAS TOLD WITH I NEED ADVICE ON HOW TO HANDLE THE SITUATION

  • 22 December 2021
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So I had a payment arrangement set up I called the day before the payment was to be made because I wanted to pay it early I'm using a different card... The person went ahead and went into the system and did something where it was going to be customer will pee on their own recognizance recognizance or whatever so I just had to call in a log into my app and make it a pain on my own because I didn't know what time they were going to take the payment out of my account that was the reason for me paying it early. So payments made everything is good the next morning my service is shut off how's that possible I mean seriously I was on the phone with a rep they didn't have a g d clue what was going on they didn't respect the fact that I was needing my phone turned on so I could get ahold of a family member because at that time I was stranded and needing a ride. 24 years or so with Sprint and now T-Mobile maybe one time 23 years ago I had service disconnected one time and that was because I didn't pay my bill but I paid my bill and I still had my service disconnected and I am charged $20 reactivation fee I lost everything that I had set up as far as automatic bill pay moving forward in they have a claim they have no recollection of it being set up I can give them the exact amounts that everything was done and taken care of how can I have a payment arrangement set up with the so-called professionals I pay it I actually made two payments and paid a little more in the very next day I lose service and I'm charged reactivation fee I tried to get the gal I said I'm sorry but I guess I know you guys are going to have to screw me and charged me $20 because just please turn the phone on so I can get a ride heading my way it's like 8 degrees outside. It's a 20-minute phone call and all I hear is I don't know I just don't know I don't understand I don't get it I am a supervisor says they don't understand was there not supposed to understand I didn't ask you to do anything I said go ahead screw me charge me $20 please because you've already screwed me once today you had my phone shut off after I paid my bill that was very convenient now I'm stranded at the screw me twice that's convenient screaming at their time charge me $20 to have my phone turned back on when it never should have been turned off that makes a whole hell of a lot of sense. Even if even if you can understand it if I make a payment and I have service and everyone sees it and then you say yeah we don't know why it was shut off we see the payment was made why the hell would you still charged me $20 for reactivation fee why wouldn't you wave that why wouldn't you offer it why do I have to just say how had go ahead and screw me on it why wouldn't you show some customer service skills or some compassion somewhere along the lines there was a mistake made and I'm paying the price for it literally pain the price for it I pay the bill and I have to pay for whatever the mistake was that should never had my phone turned off in the first place. Do I as a customer have a right to request them T-Mobile to listen to the phone call that I had with the representative to get my phone turned back on because you can clearly hear and I've never done this but I'm sorry that person needs to go back through training because you do not sit on the phone and tell the customer repeatedly you don't know you don't understand you just don't get it you don't do that find me somebody who does know what's going on or can't help me because you're not acting very professional and I'm losing confidence as a customer that you're in the right position that you should be in.... Not once have I ever done anything remotely close to what I just did right there but I'm trying to actually do it in a kind hearted way to help that person because they need to go back to training before they're on the phone with other people telling them they don't know how to help that's not a person who needs to be in customer service then if they don't know how to do the job.. secondly if you can hear it just staying in the discomfort and how displeased I am and you know that there's a mistake and just can't figure it out why is the youngest person in charge supervisor why am I not putting contact with them women at offered will waive the $20 why am I not offered anything to help the situation that should have never occurred oh and you bleed if you listen to the phone call I wasn't even told by thank you or we're sorry basically I was told about the new payment plan that I was going to have to get put on because of the mistake that was made and then had to get put on a payment plan that it made no sense to me at all so I've sent messages in chat I emailed but do I have a right to have request them to pull the video or the audio recording as a customer is that going too far?

Can I downgrade my phone since I had $1,000 credit and just get a shity phone and use the other money that would be the balance of remaining balance whatever the differences 2 pay off other stuff I got a couple items that I put on a lease agreement or what do I got to do cuz I'm about done here . What can I do to walk with my phone I guess to a different carrier is that an option? And I'm not joking this all stems from the incident that occurred and the way I was treated in the fact that a person in a customer service role repeatedly as her saying I don't get it I don't know I just don't get it I don't know my supervisor doesn't know okay I find it hard to believe for one why am I not offered to speak with a supervisor or why wouldn't you give me somebody who does know put me on hold find somebody who does know what's going on this could have been resolved then but I had to basically bag to just screw me in charge me 20 extra bucks for something that I should be getting charged for just so you'll turn my damn phone on because I'm freezing and I need to get ahold of my dad I need my phone turned on to do that please stop talking man at this point I'm telling you turn my phone on now or we're going to have bigger issues here cuz when the phone gets turned on I'm going to go to a store find out who I'm on the phone with and we're going to have a conversation with with bosses that's how irritated I had become on the phone with this person because of their it's not that they're dumb it was they were ignorant in the fact that they were not listening to the customer when the customer said please stop just do whatever you need to do turn the phone on now I've already paid the debt I already paid the bill we've established this just turn the phone on and I guess charged me twenty bucks for just the hell of it but get the phone on turned on I don't need to keep here in 20 more minutes of I don't understand what's going on I don't get it that's why we're at this point I'm about to leave T-Mobile because of sheer ignorance that has now led to my decided faction in the fact that it was deemed okay by that person and their supervisor and whoever else was sitting around there listening to ya this customers getting screwed and yeah we're okay with that he said he's okay with that just charging the 20 bucks so we're going to do it the only reason I said to do that was it so you would turn the damn phone on and I didn't have to keep waiting and waiting and waiting and freezing. So y'all made a mistake a few of them I get screwed at three times in a matter of 5 minutes everyone in that situation accepted it but that was okay that was okay business practice Mom sorry that's not okay with me so I have requested someone to call me at 6 a.m. and then I meant go over I want advice what other carriers out there are good is Google fi is that a good program to get on? So any other carriers besides T-Mobile I don't know about Verizon never had them but all options are available around the table for me anybody having a good experiences with other providers and then what's the easiest way to get to another provider?


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And I technically I'm not having to pay for my phone I'm just paying for the service can I just leave? Or can I take my phone since I trade it in and it's technically paid off just in installments or whatever and just go to a different carrier? Can I downgrade phones and use the difference in what would be from the thousand dollars that I was credited to where the phone never downgrade to use the difference to pay off the payment plan that I had to get put on because the mistake that y'all made after I paid my bill and you disconnected my service for no reason and then I can just pay everything off with all that credit money every downgraded phone that would be paid off and I can just leave is that an option?


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Customer service at T mobile is HORRIBLE!! So is there service