Did anyone else switch to T-Mobile and regret it?

  • 9 February 2024
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I was sold on T-Mobile in the store.  I thought I was going to get 4 lines for about 150-160 a month.  I was supposed to get a 200 gift card for making the switch which could only be used at t-mobile but they said I could just use it to pay my bill for a month.  I’d get free Netflix. And the coverage map showed my home in the deepest pink available so I would be all set for coverage.

I never got my gift card.  I still haven’t paid less that 220 in a month.  The coverage is awful.  The Netflix they gave was some broken down version with ads and some of the library missing.  Every single thing about T-Mobile has felt like a bait and switch.  I’m 3 months in and every time I think of T-Mobile I want to cry because I feel like a fool for going to this carrier.

Does it ever get better?  

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Yes!! 100%!! I can’t even pick where to start the story. I have been with them just over a month and have forked out almost $800 and our phones were free (I paid sales tax) I can’t log into our account and I’m the primary, can’t sign up for AAA and same with Netflix. I was with Xfinity for decades and my teen was telling me how wonderful and all the perks are I and it sounded wonderful but with 4+hours of customer service phone time and dressing to call them back, my bill is way more than Xfinity and I’m regretting the change so far. You feel like crying? Well I have cried and am also just sick about it.


All these things happened to me and more. I call every month and spend an hour plus hoping that one day I will get a customer service supervisor who care whether or not customers are satisfied. I pay my bills, am generally happy with the service, but when I switched from Verizon I was promised a savings (less than $170 per month) and I am paying about $220. The sales people quick talk and basically downplay the caveats with the offers and then the customer service people play dumb and say they can’t control what the sales people said. Well, sounds like a management problem to me! Where are the managers/supervisors and when are they going to help?

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I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since they bought out my previous carrier in 2000. They actually count my tenure as a customer from 1998. They’ve pretty much always been square with me but I’ve always dealt with them in “porcupine mode”. I learned long ago that many cellular reps have the ethics of used car salesmen and will say and do anything to get you to sign up. I’ve always done my research using online fora and gone in knowing exactly what I wanted them to do. Unfortunately, you can’t count on the sales people to treat you honestly, when their job depends on stuff like selling insurance and accessories.