How do we leave positive feedback for a T-Mobile employee?

  • 25 September 2019
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I worked with someone from the line transfer dept and I wanted to thank them. Is there a way I can leave positive feedback for them?


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11 replies

I wanted to give a big thank you to Jesse for helping me get services started today  he was very patient and explained everything so well thank you so much 

I just talked to Demerta in Birmingham. She is the nicest person I’ve talked to all year! She helped me and didn’t get upset with me being slow! She is the most helpful and calm . I wish more people were as nice as she was! The best experience I’ve had ever! She should get employee of the year! Thank you Demerta❤️

I'm not happy with the service and they over charge I'll be switching to AT&T they offer way cheaper deals and offer nicer phones I go to t mobile and tell them I need three phone's and I get two phones and a SIM card for over $200 a month at AT&T they offer three phone's for $150 with same plane

I have been trying to cancel my Wi-Fi for weeks the chat people take forever to get back to you and when I called in I was on hold for over 30 mins then I even tried to go to the store to return the devil and they told me I needed a box because of a number on it…why would I keep a box and why didn’t I know want it..they told me I needed to call in now I’m in another chat and they are dragging the situation all I want to do is cancel it seems like you customer service is trained to prolong the process on purpose that’s not right like y’all trying to get at least on more bill out it should not be this hard to cancel service everyone else I could just drop it off at a store but y’all want be to do half flips on something I’m not even using any more 

Oh and forgot to mention when I did call in the rep was rude and didn’t want me to speak with his manager even hung up on me so I will not be returning to t-mobile ever 

Y’all chat services needs to do better and they way yall verify is crazy after I give my SSN number I should have to give a 6 digit code that I no nothing about…I got my name email SSN number even the order number and account number why is it so hard to cancel???? Y’all really try to drag this out for another bill I don’t want yall service at all so take it away cuz I’m not paying another bill if I’m not using it 

And y’all app sucks keeps trying to log me out while I’m in a conversation I see the games y’all are playing 

And I will be doing a Google review letting everyone know not to get y’all service 

Is this still an option? 


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You can make a post on Tmobile's Facebook page or send John Legere an email or a post on Twitter.

Bryan Christian, did really good at focusing on what was needed and require. You have a real instinct to understand customers. Good work! You have the natural ability to understand and feel what I was experiencing, and you are able to meet my needs effectively. I’m very pleased at this call I’ll give it a 10.