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Hello, I'm going to purchase a new iPhone SE soon. If I order with the T-Mobile SIM included, I still have to pay for the activation of the SIM, correct?


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Do you already have a T-Mobile phone or are you a new customer? If you already have an account you can just move your existing SIM to the new phone and save the new SIM as a spare.

I already have a sim yes

So, all you should have to do is pull the SIM out of your present phone and stick it in your new phone. This assumes both phones use nano SIMs. Now, moving contacts, apps, etc is another issue.

But am i charged for the other sim?

I believe the answer is, "Yes", but it's been many years since I bought a phone from T-Mobile. Maybe someone else knows for sure.

Yea because I already have a working sim so i dont see a reason to order it with another SIM already installed.

Again, I haven't bought a T-Mobile phone in years. I believe they come with a T-Mobile SIM installed and the price of the SIM is added to the price of the phone but someone else will know better.

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You don't pay for activation of the sim.

I just switched to the Pixel 4XL and a sim was included with the phone and I just switched out the sims.

Having a newer sim card on hand is always nice in case you're having issues with the phone and it may be a bad sim.

And you didnt pay any extra?

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It's true there's no charge for the activation of the SIM card. Prior to the purchase, the sales screen should give you details about the charges, but there shouldn't be a separate charge for the SIM card.