Is it too good to be true?

  • 11 January 2023
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I got two calls in two days about “50% off your bill” with a call back number. It sounded like the official T-Mobile call tree when I called back. I was offered a promotion with a one-time payment of $600 I would not owe another payment this year. The following two years would be $100/mo which is about half my usual bill. I know if it sounds too good to be true that it most often is too good to be true. Is this a thing? Am I being gullible? 

6 replies

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so 50% off but you have to give them $600 sounds to much like a scam..


call TMO directly and ask them..dont call back the number they called you from.

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Dial 611 and ask about the promo.

Thanks for the quick responses. Like I said, sounded too good. I guess I am a healthy cynic.

Uh. Yeah. Scam. I called 611 to double check. Sort of scary, they had the full T-Mobile phone tree copied and you had to give the same info as at T-Mobile for identification. They also knew my usual bill. I'm glad I didn't get greedy and give them the money. The call back number I was given is (866)740-0896.

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yeah all of this sounded to much like a new variant of “your long lost bagillionare cousin passed away (whom you have never heard of nor none of your family is even from said country) and for a small sum of (insert amount here) we can send you your inheritance” lol.

Yeah FYI all DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PIN.  The number I got a call from was 1-440-668-6148 and the call back was for 866-783-5194

Just got the exact same call. The number they called on was 347-374-1774. They told me to call back 848-458-5220. IGNORE AND BLOCK!