Latest Android 10 update on Galaxy S10e causes infinite reboot loop

  • 19 December 2019
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Yesterday my wife and I were both prompted to update our Galaxy S10e's. We both initiated the update and then we both had the identical issue. Our phones rebooted tens of times until we were presented with the boot screen to try safe mode, delete cache, etc. After trying all of the options without success we were forced to factory reset our phones which has been a huge hassle.

Has anybody else had a similar problem? If it was just one phone then I would write it off to the tech gremlins, however, that this issue happened to both of our phones sure seems to point to a big bug in the upgrade.

Now it appears T-Mobile pulled the update?

3 replies


How to stop the Tmobile push updates that go against their ToS.

Pause during the download of update.  It will leave is suspended for months and not keep bothering you.  My last update was in March. 

Force stop the IMS service in system apps when it first appears on your phone.. will also do the trick.

I was sick of phones back together after Samsung and Google SHOVED in so much unnecessary stuff!!  I work for a company.. and fixing 35 phones isn't fun every month.

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I got a security patch update last month and then another one two or three days ago. I have not had any issues updating my S10e. It is strange that two phones would do the same thing.


I use a package disabler mainly just for Bixby. Along with a button remapping app for the Bixby button. But even with that I have had no issues. Package disabler only disabled certain apps and processes but don't actually uninstall them. So anytime there is an update outside of the security patch, the update still goes as planned.


The latest is horrible. We should be given refunds!