missing phone numbers in messages and calls on usage data

  • 29 March 2022
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Can anyone help. When some of my friends call or text and some of their numbers or texts are not appearing on my usage logs. Is this possible if the phone or number is encrypted? 


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5 replies

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are they texting you from imessage or some like it? and are they calling you normally or with some app?

yes it’s an IPhone possibly Imessage.  Not sure why the logs don’t reflect the calls or messages.  

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calls im not sure..the texts though if theyre sent via imessage instead of as a regular text then its because its basically like a messenger of their iphone to another iphone deal..technically not texts


do you have an iphone and do the ones not showing up also own a iphone?

Need to know WHY some phone calls are not on my Data Log??

 I know a certain number, I called recently to another iPhone user isn’t showing up on my call log data.

How do I Retrieve that information??

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any call that runs as data will not show up on calls and text logs.  iMessages, and facetime audio calls are data.  Sometimes people may call using facetime audio without realizing it.