My prepaid SIM card expired...can I top up my account from outside of the US?

  • 11 December 2019
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I bought the US T-mobile prepaid SIM card while I stayed in the US and now it expired. I would like to keep using my card when I visit the US this month again. Can I top up my account from outside of theUS or how should I do? If possible, I would like to start using my phone when I get arrive at the US as soon as possible.


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What do you mean by, expired?  If you have just ran out of funds with your prepaid balance recently, then topping up shouldn't be an issue.  If it has been more than a few months since you ran out of funds and topped up, then the SIM will more than likely be deactivated.  If the SIM is deactivated, then you will need a new SIM.

Is it possible to somehow keep the SIM activated without paying ?

I am in the UK and my next €40 Is due at the end of June, but with travel restrictions in place I just don't know when I will be allowed into the US next, or when the UK Government deems it safe for overseas travel.

Assuming that we get back to some sort of normality next Spring,  would T-Mobile keep my SIM open until then ?