New phone does not recognize SIM card

  • 8 November 2019
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I got an upgraded phone and put my old SIM in, but it only recognizes the card about half the time. I either get an invalid SIM error message or no SIM detected at all. The door is all the way shut, there is no carrier update pending, and restarting my phone only works sometimes. Do I have to link my new phone to my account somehow, or is this a hardware issue? The new phone is an iPhone 8. Thank you!


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5 replies

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no sim in it to clean have pix 6


are you trying to use a esim or physical sim card? and is it not recognizing a TMO sim card or some other carriers sim card?

no sim in it to clean have pix 6

Hi! I cleaned the sim and it hasn't given me grief since. Thanks y'all!

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Hey there! Are you still having issues with your SIM? @drnewcomb2 asked some pretty important questions.

It's a hardware issue. Have you tried cleaning the SIM's contacts? How old is your SIM?