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Chelsea and Seth D made my time at T-Mobil better than I could expect. My phone got stolen I need to replace it, Seth D took his time and gave me a way better option for a replacement phone than I expected to receive.

((( Oh, I'm going to miss you Samsung Note 8 ya you were old, but you held your own with the best.))

Chelsea, her pure kindness, grace, and patience ensured everything on the new phone was completed. I was treated like my time and money meant something, and that kinda customer service is rare.

Seth D thank you for your understanding and letting me take the time to figure out what I was going to purchase. Chelsea simply put, you're amazing, thank you both Massive Massive Respect!!!!

If you need help and you are a T-Mobil Customer and have been thinking about upgrading your phone or need anything go to level 1 at the North Town Mall it will be worth it. T-Mobile North Town Mall Level One
4750 N Division St #1160, Spokane, WA 99207

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Love to see this! Thanks for sharing and I will pass it along.