T-Mobile Connect can't access T-Mobile Tuesdays

  • 26 May 2020
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I recently switched to T-Mobile Connect, and today I tried to log in to T-Mobile Tuesdays, just like I did in the past, but it says account not eligible. Is this intentional?


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2 replies

That is correct! We did the same thing today 😊 . It's really a great plan for us since the most data we've ever used in a month was 1.7G so 2G is more than enough! There are a few caveats, however:

  1. No Tmobile Tuesdays (I admit I'll miss those Redbox freebies)
  2. No international calling or texting (including contact with international phone numbers that are currently located in the US)
  3. No use in Mexico or Canada
  4. 2 gigs of data and that's ALL (to add more you must buy a 1 gig 7 day data pass for $10)
  5. No Binge On or Netflix on Us
  6. Only 100MB of domestic roaming data (many plans include 200MB)
  7. No special deals on new phones

The Pro's of the Tmobile Connect plan!

  1. THE PRICE!!!!
  2. Unlimited talk & text!
  3. 2G of data per month increasing each year by 500MB/month for five years (Ok, I'll do the math...that's a 4.5G/month plan that costs $15/month!😀)
  4. Tethering is included
  5. AND I feel I must mention this again...THE PRICE!!!! 😀 😊 😀

Thanks for answering the question.

I couldn’t agree more, the Price says it all.