Unable to shop on tmobile site

  • 20 January 2023
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For the past 18 hours I have been unable to shop for a new phone on the site. When I go to the site, both on my laptop and phone, I get the following message when I click Shop now on the main page: 


{"code": "General-1004", "userMessage": "Gateway Timeout", "systemMessage": "Gateway Timeout", "detailLink": ""}


This has been happening for the last 18 hours. To be clear, this is the only site I am having this issue with. I’ve tested access to many other sites, and no issues whatsoever. As a new customer, I am stunned by this. I tried to initiate a chat with customer service, to alert them to a potential system problem, but they seem unable to discuss or understand the matter. They began asking a series of elementary questions, clearly reading off a list, that had nothing to do with this. Has anyone else experienced this inability to shop recetly? To be clear, other areas of the site seem to behave normally. This is only happening when I click Shop now. 

4 replies

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No issues clicking on the Shop Now, which takes me to a selection of iPhone's.  If I click Shop Now under the Samsung  it takes me to an S22 with 128GB of memory.  If I click it under the Pixel Watch, it takes me to the Pixel Watch and it's 4 color options.  I don't have any issues regardless of the Shop Now link I click on the main page.

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I doubt it since the hackers were going for personal information not shutting down their website.

Could it be something to do with their recent hack?

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Thank you for testing it out. I am also getting a normal behavior now when I click the Shop now link. Hopefully it stays this way.