• 29 April 2022
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My husband and I joined T-mobile in June of 2021 (so a little less than a year ago). We signed up under a business plan, we got a 3rd line for the same price. So we have 3 lines.

He traded in a iphone and got an upgrade for a new iphone.

My (android) phone has some damage, so I didn’t trade it in.

I bought an iphone mini, but I didn’t love the size and returned it a few days later.

We did not get a phone for the 3rd line.

I would like to upgrade my phone but would love to get an incentive but since my phone has damage, I can’t trade it in.

There are incentives to upgrades by adding a line, since I didn’t take advantage of this when I first joined, am I still eligible to upgrade my phone and/or my “new” line that has never been activated?

I feel like the sales person wasn’t very helpful answering these questions or helping me out. I used to sell cell phones in the 2010s and I know things have changed but I guess there’s a part of me considering going back to my other carrier since otherwise, there’s really no incentive for me to get a phone with T-mobile. (And the price isn’t that much different).

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