What was your first phone ever?

  • 10 February 2018
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omg it was the Juke! And let me tell you all I was super proud of it. I got such a kick out if spinning it open while ans calls

41 replies


Sidekick II was my first T-Mobile phone and I absolutely loved it!


My first phone ever was a Kyocera and I think I got it when I was 15. This is the only picture I could find of it haha.


Funny how The MOTOROLA  was the first cellular company ever! We discount their phones ., Knowing nobody been in the game longer!!


I had the old school Nokia brickphone, too!


There are times that I miss the simplicity of a phone but I mostly just miss the game Snake!

Remember these we could buy would light up when we got a call.. 😂


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Nokia 100.



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OMG I still HAVE IT! (I wonder if it charges? I have the charger and accessories/box/manual for it, too, haha!)

(The OG) Motorola DROID that Verizon had in fall of 2009, 14 freaking years ago! I still crack up at the little robotic voice you heard when you powered it up….”droiiiid” lol.

That’s what replaced my translucent purple pager. (God, yes, I still have that relic, too!)

My first phone ever? Hmmm, it was actually a little flip phone by Sprint. I’m not even sure what model it was! But now that I’m thinking back to it — I’ll definitely be doing a Google search to try and figure it out. It’s not like there were as many models then as there are today! This was around 2005-2006 or so. I was 15. I remember it being those 2 year contracts and free minutes after 9PM or so!! Ahahah. It’s crazy to think how different it was back then.. it really wasn’t all that long ago as it seems. 18 years or so. I guess that is as long as it seems. Holy crap!! lol

A lot has changed since then. A lot for the better. Some for the worst. I like that contracts are no longer a thing. T-Mobile first introduced that and ultimately killed that concept. Depending on what you use — it’s easy to find yourself signing 18-24 month contracts again with a provider in order to lease the latest, most expensive phone. And if they’re lucky, they’ll have you on the upgrade program so that your eternally leasing and more less renting smart phones that you’ll later return for the next upgrade. I was doing this until I put an end to that and decided yearly upgrades aren’t even worth it. Being an iPhone lover — I can tell you now that you are best holding off at least 3-4 models before upgrading. Otherwise, you won’t even notice the changes year-by-year all to much. If you go from the iPhone X or iPhone 11 to the iPhone 14 then…. You’ll get so much more appreciation out of it then if you’re coming from the 12 or 13. 
Just my 2 cents. 

I love the question though! That’s a fun little journey back to teen years. When the small little flip phones were nifty little devices and seemed like the slickest thing ever coming off the bar phones! T-Mobile would soon find their first major standout with the Sidekick. Most people were using flip phones or owning the Blackberry when T-Mobile dropped this pretty awesome system and changed the direction phones were headed in major ways. 


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Man, I can't tell you how cool I thought I was when I got this phone. Changeable covers, you could customize the back panel, I could set me own ringtones. This phone lasted me a LONG time too! I mean, this thing was built to last, so kudos to Nokia!!! Eventually, I wanted to step my phone game up so I made the switch to the Sidekick 3. I miss that swivel screen so much.

that was the same one i had

First portable phone, Motorola DynaTAC 8000. I still have it, the car adapter, the battery bag and like 10 spare batteries. 

I think my first phone was Nokia 105 this exact model https://productz.com/en/nokia-105/p/WG606.  I still remember how happy I was when my cousin gifted it to me. I've used it for a couple of years, and it was unbreakable :D

My first mobile was LG E4oo. But the sad news is that when we are leaving in Vancouver. We hire a company names Demolition Contractors Vancouver to demolish our house. My first ever cell phone broke during demolition 

verizon flip idk exact phone

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Vintage-TIME-magazine-promotional-alarm-clock-telephone-land.jpg it was an alarm clock too.

My wife and I got that one back in 97 0r 98. We got feed up with telamarkers calling all hours of the day and night. We got our cellphones and ditched the home phone. We had our phones for six months. Our provider with Cingular wireless we paid the bill one day in the store and the next day we had no service. The store had closed down and had ceased operations. At that time in las Vegas T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint didn't have much of a present.we ended up learning about virgin mobile or some other repaid phone service stayed with them for two years

I believe mine was the original Motorola Razr.  I came late to the cell phone party.

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I came from AT&T to T-Mobile (and brought the family) for the brand new HTC HD2! I even stood in line for it! 😎

My first phone was a Galaxy S6. It was nice but battery was pretty small. I still have it today.

My 1st was a 6watt analog bag phone (1992) can't remember the brand.  I rarely used it since it was $.50/minute.  My 1st handheld was a Motorola StarTac. 

like this this one was u to

mine was the boost phone this one

motorola starTAC.

My first phone was an att slimline!

I remember $500.00 for batteries (2) a charger and conditioner (decharger)

My first phone had caller ID Microtac and it was cool at the time!

I'm not to sure if it counts, in any case it was a Wilson business band phone relying on businessesthat had repeaters to communicate with their employees. You connect through your rsdio to their tower and on to an operator in it's esrly day's. In time Wilson who today make a very good cellular booster, a little pricey but real quality  They hsd one of the first Duplex phones on the market and my favorite accessorie the Ear Bone Mic! It didn't go in your ear it was like a collar that you couldhsve on and others wouldn't see it, so everybody thought you were just nuts.

I know you asked for one I've got to add the Wilson phone, which i still haveonly the size a a couple packs of cigarettes. The cost in 1969 was $895.95 the mic another $295.00. Batteries were $65.00  It weights less the one and a half poinds. My second Motorola csr phone which weighted 54 lbs. And had the head ot hand set in the car and actual radio in the trunk. My average monthly bill from Bell South was $300 to $550 per month, i sorry I can't recall ehat the per minute charge was,  by the way the Motorola was simplex, only one person could talk at a time by holding the button on the hand set. I remember we had to say in police talk 10/4 when we were done talking! So this post or reply is to long and wordy so I'll say... That a big 10/4 to you all.

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I'm so jealous -- I didn't get my first phone until my senior year in HS, and it was only supposed to be used "for emergencies"! I remember that SMS were super expensive back then, and I went way over the allotment on my parents' plan. 😊