Another new (and undesirable) forum behavior

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I've also noticed that the little "MY T-MOBILE" tab on the right side of the window has become extremely sensitive. If I just roll the cursor over the tab, very briefly, it will toss me into the My T-Mobile login page. Very annoying.

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Browser dependent maybe. Nothing happens until I click on it and that's always been so. (Firefox)

Which browser and version are you using?

Similar to @matesny‌ I have to click on the tab (expected experience) to get it to pull that tab. I've tried over several different browsers and this is what I'm seeing on all of them.

I have to physically click the button in my browser, even if I hover over it and remain there, it doesn't direct me anywhere in FF or Chrome. Definitely let us know what browser and version.


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Ryan, I'm using Fire Fox on a PC. I never, ever dropped into the My T-Mobile login page like this, until just recently. Now, I have to be very careful to skirt around the little magenta tab.


Such a weird difference in experiences. Need time to think, ponder and let this all soak in with the team.

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I can't get it to happen when I intentionally try to make it happen. Not sure what was going on.

Welcome to my world of constantly trying to reproduce things that folks are encountering or trying to test things to make sure they work before we launch them 😊

That's some tough work there, hope you get good health insurance from T-Mobile 😊

Hmm.... I think you just took down the entire network trying to reproduce the hover issue on Firefox!

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I could write a number of articles for J.I.R. "Well, it was doing it until just before you walked in the door...."

^ This is basically the story of my life.

I was whining to our developer about how I was getting logged out of Support all the time, and as soon as I start bringing it up to him and try to show him, it just stops. Kept me logged in all night. Now he just keeps making jokes about me exaggerating. :/


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Video tap it lol