Can't connect to T-Mobile update server

  • 29 September 2019
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I used to get regular security patches on my S9 with no problem. For the past few weeks, all I get is a spinning wheel followed by a "Can't connect to T-Mobile update service" message. T-Mobile phone help pushed me off to Samsung (even though I told them I have no difficulty connecting to Google's update servers for my Android apps). Samsung told me to go to one of their authorized repair shops for a complete "flash" restart. The repair shop did this (and it took me hours to get my phone back in working order), but the very next day I once again could not reach the T-Mobile update server. For now, I have no way of knowing if I will be able to download an update even if T-Mobile gets around to it.


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Ah that's rough, my friend but we wanna make sure you can get any and all updates we have. Have you tried updating over wi-fi as well as the T-Mobile network? How many bars of signal do you have?

Thanks for reaching out, much appreciated. Here's a chronology which I hope

will prove helpful:

Until about 2-3 weeks ago, I had no issues downloading either security

patches or Android system updates from the T-Mobile server. I always do

these updates in my home, where I have 5 bars of T-Mobile signal and a

Google mesh router from which Ookla Speedtest registers approximately 175


Approximately 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed that when I went to *settings>software

update>download and install, *my S9 would report "checking for updates,"

and the spinning wheel would turn for a long time (well over 3 minutes)

until I got a message indicating "Couldn't download update...Unable to

reach the server..."

I called T-Mobile tech support for help with this matter. The technician

told me he thought the problem was with the phone, not the T-Mobile server,

so he patched me over to a Samsung technician. The Samsung technician asked

me to download "smart-tutor so he could control my phone remotely. When he

determined there was nothing he could do to help, he gave me the address of

an authorized Samsung repair shop (ubreakifix) and told me to request a

"flash" update, which would solve the problem but wipe my phone clean and

leave me with hours of reconstruction. The phone was indeed "fixed" (i.e. I

could reach the T-Mobile server as I walked down the street from the repair

shop), but by the next morning, I was once again unable to connect with the

T-Mobile server.

Two days later, I walked into my local T-Mobile store to see if they had

any thoughts about what to do. The young lady behind the counter asked me

to show her the problem, and when I went to *settings>software

update>download and install, *I had no difficulty connecting to the

T-Mobile server (on the T-Mobile network, not on the store Wi-Fi). So,

feeling that the problem might actually have resolved on its own, I went

home with my phone. The next morning, and up to this very moment, I still

cannot connect with the T-Mobile server.

It is difficult for me to believe that there is a problem with the phone

because I never have any difficulty downloading updates for my Android

apps, which I do on a regular basis. Any help you might be able to provide

would be greatly appreciated!

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Have you made absolutely sure you have not accidentally clicked ANY button that would limit the update download to "only over wifi"? I know I did so on purpose! 😉 It's under Settings>Software updates>Only on WiFi.


When I go to Settings>Software update, I have only two choices...the first is "download and install," and the second (which is greyed out and unavailable) is "last update." There is another setting, in a different area of settings, where I can choose to access the internet via Wi-Fi only, but that one is set to allow access via T-Mobile and Wi-Fi.

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I'm using a Note 8 so our phones are basically siblings and my choices include a slider (on/off) under Settings> Software update> Auto download over Wi-Fi. 😕

Thanks again for staying with me on this. This screenshot shows you what I


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Hmm, looks like that screen shot didn't come through. Can you try posting it again so we can see what you see?

My original concern was that I could not receive T-Mobile updates on my Samsung S-9. T-Mobile phone support passed me along to Samsung support, and Samsung support recommended a total flash restart (which left me with hours of work to get it back to working order). After all this, I walked into my local T-Mobile store to see if they could help. When the counter person asked me to show her the problem, the phone (now on the T-Mobile network, not on my home WiFi) reached the T-Mobile update server immediately. I have since been able to successfully connect to the T-Mobile update server on WiFi in other people's homes. The problem appears to be with one of the settings on my home router and not with my phone.

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Ain't technology wonderful! 😏 😊 😀