Can't send SMS messages to other carriers!!!1

  • 7 December 2019
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Lets see where do i start... first excuse the grammer!!!!!


ive had tmobile for over 10 years now.. and this is the 1st time that ive had this issue. its been going on for over 1 week now and its getting OLD!!!!!


I cant send out SMS text to other networks. ive called and talk to keesha in my call center of experts and she said that she would talk to the network people behind the system and get back to me... but the answer that she gives me does not make sense at all... she says that i'm on an intercarrier block.... but if that is the case then why can i send out MMS to the same numbers fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is the part that makes no sense at all. yes i know that the MMS notes take more DATA and things but if i'm blocked then i'm blocked!!!!

i send out around 3000 message a month and nothing has changed its the same amount each month... so i'm hoping that someone here can figure it out.

also i have a close friend of mine who works for sprint in the NOC department and he has looked on sprints network and my number is not blocked on their end. so please explain.... also... i can get all of the SMS text from other networks fine... they are just not getting mine.

i think i need someone on the backend of the system to remove my provisioning... then add it back to the system.... but i cant get anyone to do that.


i have an samsung 9s... that has been factory reset inside the store my the mrg of the store and that still didnt work.


let the fun times roll with this one!!!!!!!!!!!

2 replies


So, sms don't use data at all, it's instead the same network for calls, which can indeed be blocked unlike most data. Do you have an issue dialing any of these same numbers...?


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Hmm, that's a bit strange that MMS goes through but not SMS. Have you had our Tech team file a Trouble Ticket for this issue?