Certain texts not coming through DIGITS app?

  • 6 January 2020
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If some website is trying to verify a cell number, those texts don't happen?

No trouble receiving actual texts. I've just noticed that identity confirmation texts do not come through.

Is this a known issue? Any fixes?


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3 replies

is there any way to change that. My phone got dropped on christmas and now has just black screen and cant do anything i ordered a new phone with the 360 protection but in the meantime just downloaded digits and trying to set everything up but alot of account i use 2step and it sends texts to that phone.


What sense does it make to have a proxy to provide to a company to avoid them selling your data if short number text are blocked? 

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Thanks for posting. The Short Code messages will only go to the primary number with the SIM card and not through the DIGITS app or DIGITS web client.