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Great, thanks and please delete the previous posts so people cannot

associate my phone number (that was public) to those handles. Thx



Sent from my mobile - please excuse any typos.

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You're welcome, Isaac! Since your username change, no one can see your previous username or personal contact info. You're good to go. 😊

I need to change my username.

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Happy to help! I'll have a PM in your inbox in just a moment. 😊

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I need to change my username.


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I sent you a PM 😊

Hi could I change my username as well please?

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I'll send you a PM as well 😊

I would like to change my Username too if i’m able to. did not even see what my name was until it was far too late

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@buhlockae ,

We will get you taken care of 😊 I will send you a private message now.

I need to change mine too.  It don't recall it saying that that is the name everyone sees online. 

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Hey there!

I sent you a private message. Please reply to it and I'll change your username for you.

Can I change my username plz?

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Sure can! I will send you a private message so we can get you taken care of.

I need to change my username (for obvious reasons) and then have someone delete this post.  Thanks very much.

Also, it seems clear from the plethora of requests that the sign-up process is flawed.  I recommend a fix.

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I will send you a quick private message so we can get you changed.

Need mine change too because having it show my phone number is such a GREAT idea.

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I will send you a private message so we can get you changed up 😊

I think I missed that step about setting up a user name, so now I have a generic name. Can someone help?

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I'd be happy to! I'll have a PM in your inbox momentarily. 😊

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All squared away, @jkhusky85​! Welcome! 😀

I accidentally used my email address as my username.  How do I go about changing?  (I noticed the magenta#### but overrode it while setting up.)  I have no preference as to long as it is not email or phone #. 

Thank you

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Welcome! I can take care of that right away -- I'll send you a PM; please check your inbox in a moment! 😊

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Argh. Newbie mistake: Set my username to be my email address. Can one of you nice moderators help me?


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For sure! I am going to send you a private message.