Community account username change

I need to edit my community username asap can someone please guide me on how to do that


Best answer by tmo_marissa 24 October 2017, 21:21

Hey, all! I just wanted to leave a note here to let everyone know that since this thread has proven so useful, I've moved it on over to our Magenta Lounge where it might be easier for new users to find. If anyone who's posted here previously to get help with a username is still getting these notifications and would prefer not to, just click the thumbtack at the top right of this thread to unfollow (you might need to visit the site through the link in the email if you're reading this in your personal inbox 😉).



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Very cool!


Sorry that took some time, but I’m glad it’s showing correctly for you @nbjeter3:sunglasses:

It looks like it is showing correctly now.

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If you log out, then check your post, does it show your name correctly?

@tmo_mike_c and this one as well.

@tmo_mike_c Why is it still showing all my previous replies with the phone number?

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I was able to change out your username. It looks like you may have set up another user profile here on Community a few years ago.

@tmo_mike_c Just tried creating a new topic as well, just as a test, and nope, still listing my phone number as the poster.

@tmo_mike_c I just checked my profile, and it is showing my Community name as nbjeter3, which is great, but my posts are still showing my name as my phone number..

@tmo_mike_c And as you can see, it’s still posting my name as my phone number..

@tmo_mike_c So I found the spot to click to logout, but from there it just started loading Bad header pages. I couldn’t click to log back in or anything. I finally opened it in a private window so that it didn’t have any cache or cookies and it let me login using my email address instead of my phone number. It’s still not giving me any other options though.

@tmo_mike_c So where do I go to login to the community??

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I think you may have registered with the Community with that same username before. I can delete that old account and change the username to display here correctly. 


For your MyAccount, you can only use a phone number or email account. Keep in mind, your username and login here on the Community may not be the same as your MyAccount login.

@tmo_mike_c This is the message I got in my email but when I click on The “go to the topic” link it says something completely different, that my username is already taken. I am really confused now.. Also, When I try to click the login button under “My Account” it will only allow me to use an email address or phone number as a tmobile ID. Is there somewhere else I should be clicking to login to the community?

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That username is already taken. I can change it to another name. Did you already set up an account here with that username?


For your account, you’ll use your phone number or email address you set up when you first registered.

@tmo_mike_c My username I don’t really care about, it’s my display name that I’d like To change, is that possible? if not, then please change my username to be nbjeter3 and will this also be the username I will use for logging into the site from now on as well?

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I can change your username for you. What would you like it to be?

My login for the My.t-mobile site has always been my phone number. I assumed it would ask me to create a username for posting in the community, but instead it just had me log back into my account. Now it’s posting my phone number as my name! Help!

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Hurrah! I got in! 😊 😀 😊 I hope I didn't crash the site! It was having terrible trouble... 😊

Please change my T-Mobile ID name. I am "Sweetpeach"; however, no one seems to be able to get me access to my old postpaid ID - Sweetpeach.

We went to prepaid accounts when our kids graduated from college, got their own jobs & wanted their own accounts. Anyway, seems I lost all my standing and access to the Pillar Lounge 😢. We won't be leaving T-Mobile; the T-Mobile Connect Plan fits us perfectly since everyone works for DOD contractors that allow NO connection while at work and our homes are all graced with gigabit Ethernet connections 😀. Also, we are all using Android phones so the data usage is small. Long story short - PERFECT PLAN!

I've been trying to make a connection with you and others, (though I assume you all receive MANY requests for connections) so that I could send you a private message. Obviously, I've been unsuccessful 😊 . If you post to  Sweetpeach, I can answer with this account because I do have access to Sweetpeach's email account.

THE POINT (after the sob story) is if I can't ever have access to Sweetpeach ID, please send me a message so you can change this account name 😎 😉😀.

Thank you so much!

P.S. I'd really love to be a Pillar of the Community again!

I need help recapturing my Sweetpeach identity & standing in the community. We changed our plan and I no longer have access to the old T-mobile ID or account. However I do have access to my email account that is registered to Sweetpeach. My current account has a different email address and is brand new, though I ported my phone number from the old account. I loaded the same avatar, but that's where my abilities end. I sure would appreciate some help! 😉 Thanks!

Kindly end me also. I also want to change it & set it to my website name.

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@dkm2020 I did get your name updated. You're all set!

How about dkm2020. Also, I tried to reply to the post via email which it said you could do right on the message but it bounced back saying it couldn't be delivered? Kind of annoying as I don't really want to post on here with current user name but guess its already out there.

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Sorry for the late reply. What would you like your username changed to?

I also want to change my username. It was my email address with a few extra characters. Also I noticed when you clicked on it,it went to my profile which had my actual email address displayed. Not a good thing! And how do I get this text box mobile friendly? Can't see all my message on the screen.