Community account username change

I need to edit my community username asap can someone please guide me on how to do that


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It looks like it is showing correctly now.

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If you log out, then check your post, does it show your name correctly?


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Mike, thank you so much! Appreciate it!

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Good to go!

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Hey @sjohnson808

Are you affiliated with Samsung?

I need to change my community account name.  I would actually like to delete it.  I will not be participating in it and dont want a community account id associated with my t-mobile account.  This should not be required and seems very intrusive.

Thank you my number has been removed from my username much appreciated!

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Watch it Mr!! I may just have to add all the vowels back to your name 😊

Can it be changed to Lioness3335?

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Hey, there! I've sent a PM your way and am happy to help! 😊 Just take a look in your inbox when you have a moment. Thanks!

- Marissa

I would like to change my username as well. Please pm me with the details on how to do this. Thanks!

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Chris: Email seems to work better than trying to read from the site. I am sure as soon as I get some more experience with the site it will much easier. Appreciate the help! Joe (DC5fan)

Thanks Marissa,

Seeing you mention the default MagentaXXXXXX, I now remember seeing that when creating my Community User Account .  I remember thinking "How did that get there?  My username (T-Moble user name that is) is @oliphantrob_518833(false address)."  For some reason my mindset at the time was that I was being prompted to enter my T-Mobile username... I missed that it was prompting me to create a a new Community User name.

Thanks again for helping me change it.

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Oooh, that makes so much more sense. And truly, that's great feedback -- we'll let our devs know and see if there's a way we can add a call-out so that it's more obvious what we're prompting for in that field! Thank you for replying here, I'm glad you were able to find this thread so that we could get it fixed!

- Marissa

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No problemo, @albertobernabe​! I'll send a PM your way in just a moment, please take a look at your inbox in a few. Thank you!

- Marissa

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Hey there 😊 I went ahead and changed you to @drkcld​. Please let me know if you would like it to be something different. 

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Hey, all! I just wanted to leave a note here to let everyone know that since this thread has proven so useful, I've moved it on over to our Magenta Lounge where it might be easier for new users to find. If anyone who's posted here previously to get help with a username is still getting these notifications and would prefer not to, just click the thumbtack at the top right of this thread to unfollow (you might need to visit the site through the link in the email if you're reading this in your personal inbox 😉).




Is it possible to change mine to rstein12?


Need to change my Username please. Thank you.

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We got it changed out for you. Thanks for posting.

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Happy to help! Sending a PM your way in just a moment, please take a look in your inbox when you have a second! Thanks!

- Marissa

Hello Chris, could you please kindly change me username, too? Thank you very much

I would also like to change my username. It seems to have selected a default one and it won't let me modify it.

I want to change my user name.  Please help!