Does TMobile value ALL of its customers?

  • 29 August 2021
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I am searching for a new provider. The data breach included my information. Shame on TMobile for not protecting my information. They are responsible and need to own it. They sent an email about 1 year of Apple TV, but that is dependent upon ones rate plan. Evidently, there is some kind of caste system where TMobile values only certain customers. 

The lack of ownership about the data breach, and the insincere remedy for damaged customers has gone too far. Whoever is running this company should also step down if they have not already. 

I’m done with TMobile. 



8 replies

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Don't go to AT&T. They were breached a couple of days after Tmobile.

I think the breach was widespread, not just T-Mobile.  T-Mobile gets a lot of press, sometimes negative, because they have grown very fast.

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I get notices of data breaches all the time from Lifelock from other companies.

Irrelevant that it was widespread and they have grown very fast. That does not absolve TMobile from responsibility and recovery. As I stated, they compensated only their highest paying customers. That’s very poor customer service and speaks volumes about how they value ALL customers.  Clearly, they apologized to only certain customers. That is absurd and misguided. I don’t have confidence in whoever is running this company. 


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Did you get a text from Tmobile letting you  know that your account was breached? They only contacted the accounts that were breached.

Its easier to contact x amount of subscribers that were affected rather than entire amount of users causing a wider panic.

Yes, they contacted me. Did nothing for me beyond letting me know I was compromised. Since that event, my credit card was subsequently hacked. Can’t prove anything, other than TMobile did not protect my data. They could have done better is all I am saying. Prevention is the best route, but remedy would have gone a long way. I’m not loyal to TM because of this experience. 

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Did you sign up for the free MacAfee?

I didn't since I have Lifelock.


Ya know the Apple TV thing is a minor thing but It really rubs me the wrong way. I have been with Tmobile for 19 years, I have 6 lines. Yet I am not eligible for something I really would enjoy because I Have an old plan.This is not the first thing I have been ineligible for I think it was Netflix or Hulu before? Nope didn’t get that either.  Does Tmobile want to save that 60$ Apple TV and lose all my business? It’s not about getting something it’s about Tmobile not valuing older customers as much as newer ones. Time to look elsewhere.