Experience with T-Mobile customer service

  • 5 March 2021
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Hello Matthew Staneff, Callie Field,

For those reading this post it is important for them to know the executives behind the poor customer service you are all receiving.
Please contact the below listed persons concerning your experience with T-Mobile customer service.

I am emailing you today to inform you of the experience I have with T-Mobile.
I was a 30+ year Verizon customer.
I transferred to T-Mobile with 3 lines for $90.00 including Netflix on us (Veteran Plan).
Shortly after switching we went for a road trip 5 minutes away from our house my wife informed me she had no service.
My wife returned to Verizon and my Aunt (3rd) line could not operate her phone because of her age.
I contacted customer service and was told they could give me a plan for $45.00 and included Netflix if I were to stay with T-Mobile.
Every month I have to call customer service to get the $45.00 honored and beg for the Netflix. They just take $5.00 each month.
This past time they tried to get me to settle for a lower plan that doesn't include data overseas or Netflix.
They insisted it was a miss-communication. I informed then that I know what I was promised.
I explained to them that was not what I was promised when I agreed to keep the service.
You surely can look up the records of my contact with customer support and see that I have tried in earnest.
I hope that we can get this resolved so that I can continue with T-Mobile.
Thank you, Jeff



4 replies

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Try reaching out to the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter.  They would be the best people to help you out.

I see many post about T-mobile customer service and some of the people said that thee customer service is poor. I don’t think so because whenever I visit to customer service page and ask for any query they respond me well. Even if Someone can visit their oFacebook and Twitter pages they guys are ready to help you any time.

The salesperson cheated me by providing false promises on the promotion. Now, I ended up paying $800 for the device. Worst cheating experience in my life.

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unless you want everyone knowing your email address you might want to change your screen name to something else. there is a thread somewhere in here for that specific request..i’ll see if i can find it so you can jump into it if you wish.