Get to Know Your Customers Day Thread!

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Getting to know you is great aid in building a stronger relationship and shaping the Un-carrier experience... and Get to Know Your Customers Day is coming up this Thursday, July 18th!
So don't be shy! Join the conversation and let us know more about you!

1. Where are you from?
2. What do you use your phone for most?
3. What's your favorite Un-carrier move?

4. What's your fantasy Un-carrier move?

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1. Born in NW Florida.

2. Toss up between texting and surfing the web.

3. Toss up between free international data roaming and separating the phone purchase from the service*.

4. Uncarrier moves tend to be implemented in the billing system. So, what I'm considering wouldn't be "Uncarrier" in the traditional sense: HAPs to provide rural coverage.

*I think most people today are unaware of what a cancer on the industry 2-year service contracts really were. T-Mobile killed the tie-in between the phone purchase and the service. That's probably the best thing anyone's ever done for cellular service in the US.

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Thanks for jumping in @drnewcomb2 .

I agree with the 2 year service agreement. Makes a lot more sense for customers and it's great.

Interesting suggestion for an Un-carrier move. Looks like some next-level tech!

1- Florida

2- Communication (email, messaging, some phone), but also heavy on travel applications, and reading news

3- probably it is doing away with contacts, but also continuing to be lowest cost to customer but great service

4- I don’t know, maybe if mobile hotspot was not an extra cost, or maybe still at an extra cost but unlimited, that would make me happier

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts @aiharkness !

Lower costs is a huge win for customers, so I agree that's great! Appreciate the suggestion for mobile hotspot data.

Mike, it is my history, and others will have there’s, but I would bet I am paying the same in inflation-adjusted dollars for more service and capability than I was when I started with T-Mobile 20+ years ago.  It is amazing.

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1.  That area in Phase 1 that never got activated in Nov 2018.

2.  Everything

3.  20% hook up on the 2 for 100 promo.

4.  Better trade in values and bogos for current customers with no line add.

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We appreciate you posting here @snn555 . Thanks for the feedback on trade-in's and BOGOS.

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1. Depends on "from" -- I grew up in SC, spent eight "important" years in MA (final two of high school in Western Mass, four years of college in the Boston area, then two working), and I've been in the Atlanta area for 18 years now.  Guess that technically makes Atlanta "home" since I've lived here more than any other location.

2. Just about everything.  Though, I've learned how to "get around" things to use on my PC while at work -- like texting using Google Messages's web interface.  Easier to hide than if my boss sees me staring at my phone.  Though, I don't do much video streaming on it.  I prefer to NOT focus on a tiny screen near my face.

3. Probably was getting rid of contracts.  That's been a big thing that everyone hated.  Want to change your plan?  Great, here's another two years onto your sentence.  Want a new phone?  Awesome, here's another two year sentence.  It was designed quite well to keep people "stuck" to a carrier.  Sure, EIP is another form of "contract" (the new "early termination fee" is "you have to pay off EIP"), but, it's better when you want control.  This also separated "device" from "service", making it better for those of us who buy phones elsewhere.

4. This definitely would be some cool deals for single-line folks.  There's a lot of great BOGO deals, or "add-a-line and get this deal", but, they all ignore those of us who are single and not wanting to bring outside-the-house family members on our plans in the fear they'll be moochers.  Single lines are a premium for revenue compared to multi-line - there should be deals for single line folks (without a requirement of add-a-line) instead of making them feel like nobody cares about them.

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Some deals for single line users would have been great back then. But I'm pretty sure I couldn't have gotten what I've got for just $40 a month like I do now with the 2 for 80. However it would also be nice if there were some device deals for not just single line users but any single user on any multiple line.

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1. DFW

2. My phone is my portable laptop 😜!

3. That would be challenging ALL the other carriers to reduce their ridiculous prices just to compete with T-mobile!

4. Surprise me! You're SOOOO good at it!

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1. Where are you from?

Pearl City, Hawaii
2. What do you use your phone for most?

Uhm Currently S10+, OnePlus 7 Pro, Pixel 3, iPhone XS.  Adding Note 10 later this year.  Yes I actively use them all.
3. What's your favorite Un-carrier move?

Separating service contracts from service.  Means I can BYOB and save money.

4. What's your fantasy Un-carrier move?

Having their aggregation, RCS(Universal Profile X.X updated) completely available to all unlocked devices. Some devices I want to buy I don't simply because I lose out on a lot 😊

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Second that RCS feature.

The known issue with the Tmo OP 6T RCS is pathetic.

One of the most "carrier" things that T-Mobile has done is to implement mandatory DCF. It would be a very "uncarrier" thing to make it optional.

Hi all,

Originally from the Bronx to upstate New York to retirement to North Carolina.

I use my phone for calls, texts, reading, mail, its my little hand held computer.

I love the unlimited but I don't know what DCF is. I am sure someone will be kind enough

to enlighten me. I think the Veterans Plan is fab. Its my favorite

Unfavorite while in Chicargo I couldnt use my phone. I could only use it in the hotel.

Stopped at a T-Mobile store and still couldnt get service. This was two years ago.

While in NY this past June couldnt use my phone except at my friends house. They live in Millerton, NY.

I was told that there is no service. No cell phone tower for T-Mobile. Went to another T shop and they putmy phone into roaming

and I was able to use it without it costing me.

Over all though I love the service

DCF = "Default Conditional Forwarding" (a.k.a. "The customers are all idiots mode") The inability to turn off conditional forwarding.

Your problem is probably related to your phone. What phone are you using?

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Thanks for telling us your story @crim101 ! Happy to hear you're lovin' the service and you're taking advantage of the Veteran plan.

1. Where are you from?

Chicago Illinois Specifically Arlington Hts Illinois
2. What do you use your phone for most?


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1. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada but live in Hampton, VA.

2. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3: It isn't perfect but the slider is awesome!

3. I don't think this is an Uncarrier move but the Sidekicks truly were something unique that no other carrier in the States offered.

4. Give us a new T-Mobile Sidekick!

Hey I’m Tisha

from Cedar Rapids Iowa

I use my phone for research and staying in touch with friends and family

I love Tmobile they have been the most amazing company I’ve ever worked with

they are amazing at customer service and really care about us as customers so glad I switched !!!

Thanks so much also to the team that has the Iowa contract

they truly are one of a kind

have a great week and stay cool and hydrated        

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Thanks for jumping in @dantrhodes  and @syaoran . I checked out that Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 and it's pretty slick lookin'. Thinking about that Sidekick takes me down memory lane. Loved that phone!

We appreciate you joining in too @magenta9408420 !  That's awesome you made the switch and you've had great customer service! That means a lot to us!

Hi Doc,

Thanks fo letting me know. Galaxy 8S+. Half the time people can't hear me either.


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Wrong thread entirely.