google visual voicemail not working

  • 25 November 2019
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I opened an account with T-Mobile in 2014 after I purchased an unlocked Moto G2 at Best Buy.

Up until I switched to an unlocked Moto G7, my visual voicemail was working just fine with Google's native phone app.

I've searched and tried several possible solutions, here and elsewhere: NO WORKY!

I'm considering calling tech support, but, these days, getting past the script readers is getting annoying. Especially if I have to do a factory reset, it would take longer than my stating, "Let's skip all that and let's assume that this has been going on since I got it out of the box. Let's escalate to someone that can actually give me some answers."

I've tried T-Mobile's version of 'visual voicemail', and frankly, I'm not impressed. I get annoying "T-Mobile Tuesday" spam, I don't get call or voicemail notifications, when I do listen to my voicemail, I can't switch it to the loudspeaker or bluetooth headset, and I really don't care to use two apps when one has sufficed for four years. So, I have the following questions:

  • Based on the forum posts, why hasn't this been addressed?
  • If it hasn't been addressed, why not?
  • If visual voicemail worked on my G2 and not my G7, was this intentional? Why? Why is it necessary?
  • If this was intentional, was my Simply Prepaid account altered without my knowledge or consent? Again, why?
  • If your app (sort of works) with your server, why doesn't my native phone app?
  • Google is not stupid, did you misinform them regarding visual voicemail?

Regardless of the above, let's have some clarity. Clearly, this isn't hardware based, but software based. Your voicemail service seems to be able to query Android based phones to determine OS and OS versions, as my Moto G2 visual voicemail functionality demonstrates. Google seems to feel that this is a carrier issue, so it falls into T-Mobile's lap, and little has been done on your part. So, how about some integrity?

Tell me what this is really about, so we all can make our own informed decision.

I got rid of all the T-Mobile apps on my old phone because it was causing distractions. My phone will not be an advertising platform, even if you were willing to pay for the space, which you should. (Why aren't you?) They were also of low quality, invasive, and worse, bloatware. I'm old school. Make the code small, fast and specialised to save on memory when it runs. Don't be seduced by the extra system memory and storage space. Write the code to clean up after itself. Don't expect the OS to do it for you.

I've said what I've wanted to say, so can we please get a response?

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