Hate my Fold3

  • 1 November 2021
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I purchased the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 in August, but I only began using it a week ago. I hate it.  Its completely paid for.  It has an S pen case and BudsPro earbuds.  How can I get rid of it and get the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

4 replies

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Personally, I would suggest selling it through Swappa.  If you trade it in through T-Mobile, you will get nothing close to the worth of the devices value to go towards the iPhone you want.  

You might check T-Mobile to see if the phone has any trade-in value.  You could start by taking a look at their web site.  Otherwise check Swappa .  I suspect the value they offer won’t be anywhere near what you paid for the phone, otherwise they couldn’t stay in business.  However, whatever they offer is better than the dust the thing will collect not being used.

I’ve never used Swappa, but a quick look at their web site can’t hurt, even if you see a “good” trade in value from T-Mobile.  You might be pleasantly surprised. 

BTW, a Samsung phone is not an iPhone, two totally separate brands.  However of you want to use the phone you have you can trade it in to TM toward any other brand they carry.  Even iPhone.

Thanks to syaoran for making Swappa known, it does look pretty impressive.

Thank you both so much for sharing your ideas with me.  I am very grateful.  I looked at Swappa and the price I could ask for is MUCH better than any trade in value I could find.  The problem is that I think there is something wrong with the phone.  Using my voice to translate into text is horrendous.  It repeats words (sometimes 3 or 4 words) in almost every text.  It has never learned not to spell out the word…period, comma or colon. It really is horrible. It works like the technology from 13 years ago.  Plus it won’t respond to my touch about 40% of the time...I keep trying numerous times, until maybe it works or I have to get the pen out.  I don’t want to sell this junk to is not fair.  I talked to Samsung about returning it, but they would not even consider anything since it was beyond 30 days since it was purchased. It is a $2000 piece of junk.  I am so frustrated, but it is amazing when strangers like the both of you care enough to respond.  Happy Holidays!

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That seems very typical of most devices today, sadly.  Accessibility features have been very neglected over the last couple of years.  I specifically work with a lot of visually impaired and blind clients and even the iPhone's speech to text isn't at the level of useful it should be or was a few years ago.  Most visually impaired and blind people I have worked with use iPhone's.  Some of those iPhone users have tried Samsung devices and didn't like them.  People hear Samsung and think it is the Android equivalent of Apple, but it really isn't, at least in my opinion.  Pixel devices, as much as I personally don't like them, are the way to go on Android if speech to text and other accessibility features are important to the user.