How long have you been a T-Mobile customer?

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I have been with T-Mobile since summer 2005

Phone: Nokia 3320

Plan: Get More 600

Number of lines: 1


Phone: Samsung Note 8

Plan: SCM Family Match promo 14GB hotspot

Number of lines: 16

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I had prepaid service with T-Mobile in the early 2000's. Then we bounced around from Tracphone, AT&T, Virgin mobile And NetTen for several years. We came back in 2010. Our first official phones with T-Mobile as a service provider were the Motorola Cliq. The phone hadn't sold well and the store we went too had them discounted. We paid $250 out the door for two. My wife has been with T-Mobile since 2010. I was with T-Mobile till 2015 left for project fi. Actually got increased coverage. I came back because my phone died and I didn't care about  the choices with project Fi

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Like many here, I switched over to T-mobile not long after Verizon took over Alltel, so maybe 2012/13

In Feb '98 I signed up with DigiPH PCS. DigiPH was bought by Powertel then T-Mobile bought out Powertel the same month.  For about a year before that I had an account with Omnipoint that I used for international roaming. Omnipoint was eventually merged into T-Mobile. Pick a number '97, '98, 2000?

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Was a long time AT&T customer, then did some serious comparing and in Dec 2015 switched my Nexus 6P using just a new SIM...

We are newly back to T-Mobile as of Friday. We had been long time AT&T customers. Switched to T-Mobile about 4 years ago.  Switched to Verizon 2 years ago, because we got caught up in the hype about how much better their coverage and speed was.  Realized it was expensive and largely hype. Switched back much in part to the introduction of the T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plan. Hitting 55 this year, the two lines for $70 was a great deal.

I have been a T-Mobile customer since it was Voicestream. Switched to MetroPCS (technically still T-Mobile) and then switched back to T-Mobile about 2 years ago.

Since 3/30/2018

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T-Mobile customer since 2009


T-Mobile > i had 2 lines (unlimited text / unlimited voice) for $25 ea + taxes

Verizon > 1 line 450 minutes voice / unlimited data / unlimited text for approximately $89 taxes included.


T-Mobile > 5 voice lines w/ stateside international calling for all voice lines  and 5 mobile internet lines for $194 dollars.

Sprint > 1 line 450 minutes voice / unlimited text / 1GB Data.    (FREE)

I have been a tmobile customer from the start with powertel changed to voicestream then tmobile 20 + years it was the only provider that actually gave me bars in my home so i stayed and there customer service was and is still is second to none. customer service is one of the important ways they have kept me and my family as customers. i still have all the phones

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I have been a T-mobile customer since the end of 2013. I started with their prepaid plan and with an unlocked phone from AT&T. In 2014 I switched to postpaid and used an unlocked iPhone 6 with them. So 5 years almost, which is a wow moment because I don't normally think about it. I only have one line still and when I started out I had the simple choice plan that included Rhapsody for free which became Napster. Among other things, and then went to Simple Choice NA, finally I am on the One Plus plan. I am very happy with my service, I actually have coverage 90% of the time that matters. That's a huge difference from when I first signed up and spent half my time with no coverage, 25% on 2G and rarely I got LTE or HSPA+.

T-mobile treats me really well to and I really am a promoter of the service. The value position is not as good as the older rates but that's why I was an early adopter way back when because I knew things would get better. I am very grateful that T-mobile has kept a friendly BYOD policy compared to other networks and am happy that things like HD calling was adopted so rapidly across the network.

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I have been with T-Mobile since they started off as Voice Stream.  We also had Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and Nextel.  Stuff hit the fan with Sprint after they merged Sprint with Nextel.  So the company I used to work for(retired from DoD finally) no longer will touch Sprint and hopes One of the three carriers eat them up and replace their whole upper management.

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I  the product of the Sidekick generatiin!  I really liked the Sidekick 3 but never owned one.  I still have my Sidekick LX Blue, LX Carbon, and Sidekick 4G.  I think it was 2005 when I came to T-Mobile and bought a very basic flip phone when I started my service.  I left when the Sidekick plans came to an end, a bitter customer for being tossed out of a great service with nothing close replacing it at the time.  The summer of 2013, I returned to being a T-Mobile customer.

I can't give you a year but when I joined T-Mobile they were voice stream

I've been with TMobile since July 2002.

2001.. one of the first to port a landline to cell. 


Never been recognized by T-Mobile for my loyalty.  Sad... they will probably get a surprise soon when another company values my business

I opened my account with Powertel in 1997.  It then became VoiceStream and is now T Mobile.  Never felt the need to change.  I have always received great customer service and the best pricing options.  I started with one line and now that my family has grown, we have 3 lines.  I will remain a customer as long as they remain focused on provided great service and pricing.

I have been a customer for 35 years...way back with voicestream then worked for tmobile for a year and due to having an employee account my tenure has never been fixed but here for life...

I can never get you guys system to actually reflect the correct amount of years but Sprint was 20 122 years total of 20 for 25 years unfortunately trying to find a way out but it was a good ride mostly up until couple days ago.

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