I can be extremely difficult to work with a real B

  • 2 August 2020
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 nobody needs to tell me that I can be a real B word. I am the first one to admit it. I recently had some issues with my Stylo 4 and people not being able to hear me when they called me or I called them so they ordered a replacement phone. My phone started working again but I figured since I was getting a replacement phone thinking it would be a new phone I went and turned my phone in this past Sunday a week ago. I took the phone home and discovered that it was not holding a charge and called customer care yet once again and at this point I was a little frustrated. They ordered a new phone I went and picked up the new phone on Thursday afternoon. So Thursday evening when I got home I was not even here 10 minutes and the phone that I had received completely died it was not cuz charging whatever it just there was nothing turns out when you get these Insurance replacement phones are either demos or previously owned ones they are not new phone unfortunately so Thursday when I called customer care I first off apologize to the lady that I was speaking to and her name was Ali Anna Marie Madarang I hope I have it correctly and I told her that I was extremely upset that I am also disabled and elderly and I suffer from extreme panic attacks so while I was talking with her and she had informed me that they would not have a new phone until Monday I started having a panic attack on the phone with her because I was going to be without a phone. She was wonderful she took down everything I told them that I wanted a new phone and that I wanted some kind of complementary credit of some sort for this time that I'm not able to use my phone well they did request a new phone be sent to me and the credit they gave me was they paid off the remaining balance of what I owed on my phone. but she was just fantastic and and helped me calm myself from having a severe panic attack and having to go to the hospital.

so the next morning I went to the store before they opened up to see if I could retrieve the other phone that at least I could make phone calls but it had already been sent and they were going to give me a loaner . However I asked the guy that I had been working with since the beginning Ryan at the Beach and Talbert store in Huntington Beach since they were paying off my other phone I could upgrade to the next phone and in his wonderful way he had it in stock got it all set up for me and we are still working on the other phone. I just wanted to say Ryan is wonderful for working with me transferring my files and making sure that when I left my phone was working. He was very helpful and he listened to me blather on about my Panic disorder had set in, I tried to let those people know that I  know it's not their fault but sometimes when I'm angry at upset and having me panic attacks I will take it out on the person that is there so I just wanted to tell these two that they handled themselves extremely well because I can be really really difficult to work with so thank you again for some wonderful customer support in more ways than one

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