I'm having a hard time navigating the new site.

I was hoping if someone could just post the URL to get to the coverage forum where people post questions. Also i was wondering what happened to my score? Why did i get reset to a novice user again? @tmo_marissa


Best answer by tmo_marissa 27 April 2017, 02:54

Ahhh, @dragon1562​ - so answering the first question's easy.  The link is here: @ has already surpassed all employees in points, so I promise, y'all will shortly reign supreme.  

Please let me know if you have any other questions - we want to make this transition as rad as possible, especially for active and valuable community members like yourself.

- Marissa

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Ahhh, @dragon1562​ - so answering the first question's easy.  The link is here: @ has already surpassed all employees in points, so I promise, y'all will shortly reign supreme.  

Please let me know if you have any other questions - we want to make this transition as rad as possible, especially for active and valuable community members like yourself.

- Marissa

Thank you so much 😊 . I'm starting to get the hang of it now and i definitely like the look. It just was really disorienting and different from what i was accustomed to. Thanks again.

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Oh my gosh, of course!  I'd seen it during testing and still wandered around this morning as though the plans came out backwards and the builders had left me in an M.C. Escher house.  But it's already getting easier and there are aspects of it that I truly love.  I don't know if you've had a chance to test it on mobile yet, but it's amazing to actually be able to visit the Community from a phone (so modern! LOL).

Thanks for asking about the space and the points - please give us any feedback you have!

- Marissa

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I miss the aggregated activity section.  If it's there I missed it somewhere lol.

Thanks for the feedback @dragon1562​ 😊 Please don't hesitate to ask any more questions you have about navigation or how to find anything. We want you to love the new site and will help however we can! I know the points reset seems like sort of a bummer, but we actually added a ton of new missions and there are more things to do and more points to earn!

@tidbits when you say the aggregated activity section, do you mean your personal activity stream, or are you wanting to see a stream of the most recent activity/replies on the forums in general? Or a mystery third option! D::::


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It was where all recent activity/replies were.  If it's here somewhere I may be going blind as I haven't found it yet.

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The site is actually better. I like that it is more structured and well organized versus how it was before. But, i thought the same as you, i had a difficult time navigating the site and i felt an akward feeling of "beginning the first day of school".... But, what i have found is, if you go to your inbox page... click on "ALL CONTENT" you will miraculously see "ALL THE POST"  ALL THE INFORMATION ALL JUMBLED TOGETHER TO SATISFY YOUR WILDSIDE. 😊

hopefully this post is helpful, and you will realize it is better than before. One thing you have to take into consideration is that other people  that are not tmobile customers read these post. So if the post are jumbled and chaotic it will make for an awful experience. And an awful experience online reflects negatively on T-Mobile. 😉

FYI: you can also edit your post.... i just corrected a few mistakes i just noticed (that's great). 😎 I hated being unable to correct my awful grammer and typographical errors 😢.

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I do not see this All Content in my inbox.  Care for a screenshot? I must really be going blind here.

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ALL CONTENT (click on it)

You can view everything you authored, everything you participated in... or just click "ALL" to see everything!!!!  😎

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on my inbox looks nothing like that and also I see no All content button lol.

I would like to add I can't even find to log in on the mobile version.

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Ok I found that now.  Blonde moment 😊

Now just to figure out how to log in on the mobile set and I will be set.

Thank you this was definitely helpful information. I'm getting the hang of the sight but i find it to be a little wonky. For example the profile editing doesn't want to cooperate with me which is disheartening because i want the achievement. Same thing with getting tagged. Oh well I just want to get my rank back fast haha even though i know it will come with time.

@tidbits you should be able to login by hitting the 3 line (hamburger menu) button on the right side of the mobile site, and towards the bottom there is a login option. Although it's good feedback on it being not so prominent, I'll pass that along and see if there's anything we can do.

@dragon1562 I'll look into the profile thing for you! I definitely want to get it fixed. Are you trying to edit the profile on mobile or desktop? Is it an actual problem with the editing on the site itself, or the points for doing it not issuing?

Thanks again all of you for the feedback!

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Please Hit the "Like Button" under my post if you liked what I had wrote. or click on "Star Button" if you believe my post was helpful. Or click both the like button and star button if you were extremely satisfied with my post. 😊

Me seeing that I was able to help someone boost my self esteem 😊 and it also gives me recognition under the T-Mobile achievement system. 😊

@dragon1562​ I just hit you up over here for that profile issue.

Sorry for not responding to you till now thankfully @tmo_chris looks to be getting address with the devs. It was just a issue on the desktop of me not being able to adjust my bio and such. I would also like for you to look into achievements not unlocking correctly.

Which specific achievements? I actually set them all up and it is totally possible that I messed up one or two haha.

@dragon1562​ You're okay! I'm just happy it's getting resolved. 😊 And if you can be as specific as possible with which ones aren't registering, please let us know. I already have it marked down the profile oriented ones aren't working. We will track them down individually and see what we need to do.

These are the achievements that won't seem to unlock correctly for me

so i scribbled over sensitive info but as you can see I have customized my profile in the past but i can not change anything besides adding custom avatars and adding pictures. When i do click actions and try to edit profile alls i see is this

Hey @dragon1562

Issued you the About Me one for profile. For the search one you literally just have to type something in the search bar and hit enter. The system doesn't show any searches.

For the tag one, can you like me to the posts where you tagged someone? The system isn't registering anything but it also could be the case where we used the wrong action (tag) vs the other event (mention) so we might need to tweak it. Need to investigate first.

Once you get back to me, I'll likely sit down with Lauren and Chris on Monday to review all the missions.


So i will quickyly just tag some people here as its easiest and hopefully @tidbits​ or @stevetjr​ will help me out with this so it can be resolved.

As far as the search i have done this multiple times and got nothing

So we took a look and switched over to "mention" vs. tag. So as you go on your adventures over the coming weeks, I'm sure those badges should come through.

We also just went ahead and issued the search one. You should be all squared away for now.

Thank you for taking care of that for me I appreciate it.

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How do you edit your profile to add "about me" info? It is one of the missions and I see no way to do it.