Is there a promo code to get Samsung Ear Bud Rebate?

  • 8 January 2022
  • 4 replies

Does anyone know if I have to submit a rebate for the Samsung Ear Buds or is it a monthly credit? If not does anyone have the promo code?

4 replies


Thank you- Tmobile said there wasnt one. Sigh..

No problem. The site is


They’re money hungry, i’ve only been with him for a month but I’m already disappointed by the Sprint  to T-Mobile switch. you’ll probably run into the same problem as me where you need to enter an IMEI code but earbuds don’t have one. Only phones….sucks a lot

1 month to tell me a denied the rebate because no eligibile device. The promo was clear the Samsung device is correct. Not sure what they want, maybe that I cancel my service?