Magenta Friday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, oh my!

  • 16 November 2018
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Hey, Support Community! Today's the day -- Magenta Friday is here!

You can find tons of details in our Deals space here on Support, or on the designated Magenta Friday page at! We've got a few details on recent device releases here, too.

But enough about us -- we wanted to open up a thread to talk about not just Magenta Friday, but all the holiday shopping there is.

Which deals are you watching? What are you planning to get at a great price over the next few weeks? Share the wealth -- figuratively and literally, if you have some savings tips to toss around! We want to hear what you're wishing for, getting or gifting this year! Will you participate in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, all of the above? Or are you going straight Buy Nothing? Tell us all about it below!

13 replies

Sure would like to see some upgrade deals that don't require trade-ins or new lines. How about taking care of current customers?

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Thanks for the feedback @rdans1977​! These offers are available for current and existing customers. I know that current customers may have all the lines they need currently but there is some additional savings to be made when adding more lines and making it a family plan.

I brought my own phones over and already have 3 lines. None of my phones

are eligible for trade in. Hence the fact that I asked for phone deals that

do not require new lines or trade ins.

I had a question about the Free iPhone XR if you add a line and trade in an eligible device. I recently added a line in early November before the 16th when I discovered this deal and was wondering if that line could be accepted as a line that I have added. I have an eligible device that I can turn in as well. So my question is, can I use that line that I added in early November as my “added line” for the deal?

We have 5 lines in our household. Looking to upgrade three of the 5 lines to Iphone XR for Christmas. Really hoping for a promotion I can actually take advantage of.

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Hey @zannatulhossain 

Great question. The line would have had to be added during the promotional window to qualify for this offer.

How about some deals for your existing loyal customers that don't require us to add a line?? I have a family plan, I have all the lines I need, I don't want and won't add one more line, but I would love to upgrade my phones. If you are going to rave about your great "deals", then how about something for those who are loyal to your company. Because as I see it now, you don't have anything for us you are just throwing out offers to increase your customer base.

And none if you don't. Fantastic!

I also love the fact that I pay $140 for three lines and others pay the same for four lines. Very smart marketing to make that unavailable unless you have only two lines. Makes me feel great about paying you guys. Thanks a lot t-mobile.

On Black Friday, I added new line by taking advantage of Free IPhone XR. Now can I cancel any one of my old lines from my account?

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As long as you are not canceling any of the lines involved with the promotion you are fine. If it is just an old line that you are not using anymore you are free to cancel it.

About a month and a half ago, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra from Amazon / unlocked and got it activated on T-Mobile.

The only reason I BOUGHT this phone on Amazon was because T-Mobile didn’t offer me ANY sort of deals AT ALL on this phone. Considering it was THE ONLY phone I wanted, I was VERY disappointed because I’ve been with Sprint since 1998, and since T-Mobile bought Sprint, I was going to be FORCED to upgrade my phone. I LOVED my old phone and REALLY did not want to have to upgrade, but was told that phone would stop functioning on Jan. 01.

DESPITE stating UP FRONT the question - “Can I get a discount / rebate / ANY sort of deal on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?” AS MY FIRST QUESTION, I spent over an hour on chat and went through 4 supervisors before ANYONE could definitely tell discounts for you...”

So I called customer Service, and AGAIN stating up front “Can I get a discount / rebate / ANY sort of deal on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?” It took 3 “experts” and 4 supervisors before that last one said...”No...we aren’t giving any deals or discounts on that phone”

The sorta funny part, was that the last supervisor I talked to owned the same phone as I did and when I told HER that her phone was going to stop working / she needed to upgrade too, she was..kind of shocked.

Any chance of getting a rebate for being a loyal customer for SO MANY YEARS? For NOT going to another carrier despite having to be forced to upgrade from a perfectly functional, wonderfully working phone?

Take care of the people you have T-Mobile...

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if your account merged but you didnt physically change to TMO yet i believe there was a deal to switch people over AND get them into a 5G capable device..


if you already switched to TMO im not sure what deals can be had.

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There is little motivation for any carriers to offer great deals to existing customers.  Hopefully, many of them took advantage when they became new customers.   And if deals are that important, they can move to another carrier and get their “new customer” deals.   But most don’t, presumably because either they are happy with other aspects of their service, feel it’s too hard to switch (which it isn’t)  or feel loyal for no good reason (in which case the problem is with them!)