My category is Newbie?

  • 11 November 2014
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I have been a member of this forum since DEC 12, 2011. That time T mobile and samsung have unresolved and mutilples issues concerning ICS update. I posted suggestion to help member to resolve issues after the update. I guess the moderator of this forum dont care about the previous member.

5 replies

Really???? Does a T-Mobile support forum mean that much to you???

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@je_25's response aside.... (I do like it 😀)

Your "rating" (in your case, Newbie Gold" is based on your points.  Your points are based on forums posted in, answers (both marked correct and helpful), and other things (look at people's badges -- you'll see where they got the points).

T-Force decided the points fall into Newbie (bronze, silver, gold, magenta), Citizen (along with the four colors), Super-Citizen (along with the four colors).  So, if you don't want to be labeled in the "Newbie" category anymore, get 110 points 😊

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We were all changed to newbies when they changed the board to

the new format.

Me and smply lost our cool pillar avatar and all our frequent flyer miles we built up

over the last couple of years.

Nice to hear from both of your (gramps2 & smply) . Both of you have an excellent contribution during the release of ICS software update for galaxy s2 accompanied with glitches and even can bricked the phone. This excellent member helps a lot of people that own galaxy S2, the technical support of tmobile has no solution on that glitches. The main culprit is the touch wiz which is not compatible to ICS. Pacified by using apex launcher instead of the stock touch wiz.

Hey colt,

We're working on revamping the levels soon. You're right in feeling that "Newbie" doesn't even represent most users like you. 😊 Also, "Citizen" is pretty terrible sounding too, IMHO. We'll post some more info in a blog closer to the revamp.