Really? Corey Lewandowski??

I am a very long-time, very happy T-Mobile customer! In fact, I am responsible for “converting” many friends to T-Mobile from other services.

However, we have come to a crossroads. I was horrified to just have read that Corey Lewandowski is a paid consultant for T-Mobile.

So... T-Mobile has a choice: Either him or me.

Sadly but resolutely, I will switch services if he is still on T-Mobile’s payroll next week.

I hope many others will join me

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I second this.  He must go!

I agree.   I, too, am so happy I  switched.

im always boasting about their service.   But mocking disabled toddlers being thrown into cages is too much.   I can’t stay with T-Mobile if Lewandowski stays.   It’s no longer a matter of differing opinions.   It’s a matter of protecting the values I always believed my country stood for.   The Nazis are trying to take over and we have to fight back EVERYTIME.

100% agree!

If Lewandowski stays, I am out. I will also personally make sure that not just my friends and family switch, but also my current and former employers - that should be hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

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Yeah buddy, how about that?

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Corey actions were terrible and make me ashamed that my money is going someh to pay him. If T-mobile does not sever all ties with him, then I will cancel my and my family accounts.

I grew up with a member of my family who had Down Syndrome and I personally find it repugnant that this company still wants to be associated with this insensitive and horrible person

i have really enjoyed the high service that t-mobile has provided but my conscience won’t allow me to continue this contract.

Agree, I saw his video clip and it was just BEYOND AWFUL.

Corey Lewandowski Says 'Womp, Womp' About Girl with Down Syndrome - YouTube

Agreed...Lewandowski has to go.  Pay attention, T-Mobile.

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I second that motion. He sets a bad example for the children of the future.

He has to go!  I can't imagine you're retaining Lewandowski for his vast knowledge on telecom and corporate mergers.  Clearly, this is an example of crony capitalism - paying people close to Trump to vie for his approval in your merger.  I just switched from ATT partly due to finding out that they hired Cohen for the exact same reason.  Why do corporate giants always have to behave so poorly? 

I like my T-Mobile service.

But not enough to keep that service if they keep Lewandoski


I will be canceling my accounts if I do not see T Mobile dropping that heartless hack!  I'm not going to contribute to that scum!!!

Omg!!! I didn’t know this! I was just about to buy an iWatch from them and add more service...if they don’t let this guy go; I’ll have to go!!!

I have begged T-mobile for a response on this and gotten nothing. Silence equals complicity. Have applied for unlock codes for our phones and will switch carriers next week.

Hey Tmobile. I'm looking for another carrier specifically because of this. I'll be off my T-Mobile by the end of the week.


I can't believe T-Mobile would hire and still work with Corey Lewandowski after his comments about a 10 year old girl with down syndrome. Besides that he was on tape shoving a female reporter previously also.

I know I'm only one person and my account only has three lines and I've only had a T-Mobile account for a little over a year but I will transfer my service to another carrier unless T-Mobile gets their conscience back. I will also work to make my parents move their account away from T-Mobile also.

If T-Mobile doesn't distance themselves from Corey Lewandowski I will transfer my lines out by the end of July.


Same here.  Commented on their Instagram as well that I will be cancelling my account if they don't remove him from their payroll.

Lewandowski is a miserable excuse for a human being... ANY company bankrolling this vile creature will lose my business.

If you pay him another dime after ridiculing disabled children being torn from their parents, then you are complicit in this atrocity.

Cease all association with this monster- immediately- if you don't, you will lose millions of dollars... oh and your souls too...

Been with you many many years and very happy with your service. But, this goes beyond the pale. Time to re-evaluate my loyalty to T Mobile.

You need to address this disgraceful situation.

Well, Tmobile?  Will you do the right thing and fire Corey Lewandowski or do I need to find a new service?

Yep, it would be an easy decision for me. I will not remain a customer of a carrier that deems Lewandowski worth anything but a cold shoulder.

Fire Corey Lewandowski.

i do not want to find another provider but if t mobile continues to support him i will.

As someone who has a mentally challenged sister, I beg T-mobile to cut ties with this heartless horrible person.  I like being with T-mobile but this is making me rethink my support for your company.