redbox codes tmoble tuesday

  • 25 November 2021
  • 2 replies


The codes they now give out are not good on all Redbox titles even though the app doesn't say so. Basically if the movie is popular the codes won't work to get it for free, confirmed with Redbox they claim it's new releases but it is only some movies in particular that they just don't want to offer with a free coupons when they can get money for them.

2 replies

I had the same difficulty claiming the Tuesday code at Redbox. Redbox customer support informed me there are about 5 movie exclusions as of 11/26/21. I re-read the fine print in the redbox Tuesday offer and it mentions “good on eligible discs” but doesn’t provide a link to find out which “eligible” movies are available. Shame on T-Mobile for this deceitful Tuesday offer! 

This is less T-Mobile’s doing than it is Redbox.  They’ve restricted all of their promo codes, not just the T-Mobile Tuesday ones from working with “popular” titles (it does seem limited to Disney, for the most part).  There are complaints from users of codes from microwave popcorn as well as the “Redbox Points” earned credits.