Shaw Academy on T-Mobile Tuesday

  • 27 March 2020
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Just a word of caution with this service!


I can say that I have never been so disappointed in an educational service before. I signed up for the 4 week free course and found out that the course is actually 5 months long. You can only take two lessons a week and you have to designate a specific day and time that you will take each lesson. They then will charge you $70 a month after the first four weeks. They will also throw a ton of up-sells at you. I was not happy with this platform so I went to cancel the subscription. This is where it gets insane.


They will not let you cancel!!!!!

You can go to your account page on the site and choose the option to cancel. Then it takes you through 5 page chains of why you should stay. At the end of this chain you are advised to call the number provided to cancel. You call the number and a new chain begins, this time you have to listen to why you should not give up on your goals and should stay with them. At the end of this menu chain they advise you to email them to cancel. So, I emailed and then they refer me back to the account page on the site to cancel. It is a never ending loop.


I was forced to contact my card holder (they force you to put a card on file and do a test deposit and withdraw when you sign up) to make sure Shaw Academy cannot withdraw any funds.


I am very disappointing that T-Mobile would back such a service and direct us to use them. I am now thinking twice about my service with T-Mobile.

8 replies

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I'm sorry you've had a poor experience in the past, but I can assure you this isn't the same thing as their normal free trials. I double checked the redemption steps and you will see the option to proceed without a payment card. And the course is a complete 4-week course where you get a certificate of completion at the end.

A poor experience in the past? This just happened this week and I am sure you have no actual clue how their classes work. Do a little research and you will find a ton of people complaining about the same thing. There are no "four week" courses. This is Shaw Academy's way of sucking you in. They force you to only take two lessons a week and the courses are stretched out as long as possible. This company is all about money and not education!

The very fact that you disregarded my real issue that they will not let me cancel just proves that you could care less and are just doing the typical blanket responses. Oh. and the fact that you are still supporting Shaw Academy and saying its my fault for doing what they require (card on file is required at course sign up) is a complete and total joke!!!

Yes! Now I am very pissed off at T-Mobile!!! I will make it known!!

Thanks for posting your experience. I was considering looking into the Shaw Academy offer but now I'll just pass. It's a shame how far T-Mobile Tuesdays has drifted from its original billing (Free stuff, "There is no step three.") It's become so very carrier-ish, with lots of catches and "gotchas".

I came here to post a warning also. I signed up for a class. I should have known immediately it was a scam. There BBB rating is terrible and they seem to make their money by confusing people. You sign up for a 'free' class but then are bombarded with how you need to buy the course bundle. They also send you emails to 'download' your course.... and the 2 get a little confusing you get too scared to download it because its not clear what you need to do, download or buy. like yes, i am now in a class for 4 weeks- do i just have to attend the webinars and wont get any of the course work? I am still not sure. This morning i gave it a shot and selected to get my coursework and of course- it was a bait and switch and as soon as i hit that button- i was charged.

It is absolutely criminal that Tmobile is letting these people prey on people that are at hoe and unemployed during a pandemic just trying to fill their time. I desperately need that money back as an unemployed entertainer. I have notified paypal, shaw, BBB and am trying to notify tmobile I am desperately trying to delete all of my info from this website but it wont let me delete my paypal account info and i am terrified they will continue to charge me. Today alone i had over 8 charges and refunds from them in the amount of 0.50$


I too have been a victim of Shaw Academy. They charged me for a continuing membership BEFORE the end of the trial period and then charged me for a class completion "certificate" before I even finished the class.

T-Mobile claims there was a way to sign up without giving them payment information but I was not given this option. I am currently working PayPal to get a refund.

In the mean time I hope T-Mobile steps up to the plate and addresses this issue with Shaw to get their customers their money back. This certainly is a black eye on the Tuesdays program.

Absolute SCAM - how t-mobile allow this and why t-mobile not a part of victims negotiation for refunds?  I actually never even logged in there, just went to check if ANY course can be complied in period of "FREE" trial period (BTW it's NO - NO course can be completed in this time). I opened the request for cancellation in the minute i got charged (BEFORE TRIAL EXPIRED), they refuse to refund because - "...hence the contents were made available in your account which cannot be revoked. We cannot offer a refund in these circumstances."

AS other victims they charged me for a continuing membership BEFORE the end of the trial period. Once I realize that there is NOTHING FREE there and NOTHING I want purchase from this SCAM organization I logged out and never logged back. 4 weeks after I found 70$ charge in my paypal account, and immediately contact Shaw (scam) academy, thru paypal and their own sites.

As a person before for T-Mobile claims there was a way to sign up without giving them payment information - I have email from the Shaw Academy representative that claim "The issue remains that the terms and conditions were made readily available, you have accepted them and actually inserted payment details for a free trial/subscription service which had subsequent payments related to it, hence the contents were made available in your account which cannot be revoked.".

Based on this information:

1. Your subscription details is in "terms and conditions", and they require you to be subscribed.

2. There is NO way to check the courses without subscription


Shaw Academy, LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Shaw Academy is DEFINITELY a SCAM!! 

First, you can obtain most of the information from just searching YouTube and it’s free.  Second, I have canceled my trial before the trial date expired yet they charged me anyway!!   (I have documented this and Shaw did reply with canceled confirmation yet they charged me anyway).  3rdly, go see employment sites such as Glassdoor, even people who work there admit they are running a SCAM!!!!!! 

Vincent from Shaw was the one who said I was never going to get my refund.

T-Mobile, please BANNED them from your Tuesday promotion.   Shaw is hurting your customers!!!!!!