Subscriber not in service.

  • 11 March 2020
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Hello everyone.

I've been using a galaxy note 10+ for about two months. When people try to call me from a cell phone they get an error message "the subscriber is not in service." And my phone will still ring! Doesn't seem to to effect land lines. Just visited the store and a rep called support to file a ticket. We also completed a warranty exchange. We also swapped my sim into other phones and the problem followed. He also changed the sim, reset network settings and cleared call forwarding. Really need this to be resolved Asap.

Also when calling into care they hang up on me!  


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6 replies

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Definitely sounds like a network issue based on the troubleshooting you performed. In that case, the ticket is the best way to get that resolved.

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Wow, that's no good, but we wanna get this resolved. Have you heard back from about that ticket? It normally takes a few days to get an updated from our engineers.

Like always they never call u back like they said, I am so tired about tmobile

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I'd reach out to get a status update on the ticket. You'll need to either give us a call or hit up T-Force for that.

Been without a phone for a week. All started with the exchange of my iPhone in the store. T Mobile bounced me to Apple who bounced me back to T Mobile. No one wants to take responsibility. Have never had an issue like this before. It’s been over 12 hours with several reps. Funny how the hold music says “you won’t be transferred from rep to rep”

Liars! Been a T Mobile customer since 2010 but it’s time to go. 

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contact TMO either through Facebook or Twitter..better than calling in