text on account text/call log not showing up

  • 26 May 2021
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I was checking some account information and noticed on my lines text log that when my husband text me multiple times. None of them popped up. We both have iPhones if that helps. We both have tmobile(different accounts) does anyone know why the messages he sent me aren’t popping up? He has iPad, Apple Watch and iMac if any of that matters. 

2 replies

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The logs are not instant.  They usually appear once that billing cycle has rolled over to the next.  I am not sure if iMessage is different, because those texts aren’t transmitted the same way a normal text or MMS is.  

If you both have iPhones and are using iMessage then your text messages don’t show up on a detail msg log because iMessage is an app and doesn’t register as a text. If you want them to show up as a text, just turn off iMessage in your iPhone settings. The best way to know if it’ll show up as a text is if the messages are green instead of blue. Blue and white means both are active iMessage users. Green and white means it was delivered as a text and/ or most likely one of you is a android user but only because most of us use iMessage if we have an iPhone. Hope this helps!