The Terribly Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins

I wanted to share my new book with all the Team Magenta folks 😊   I'd really love the support .. and of course if you shared it with all of your friends, family and even enemies so they can support it too lol 😊 The Terribly Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins eBook: Daylon Deon: Kindle Store

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I only support Nook 😊

Cool. I just added it my kindle.

I have ~22 hours of flying in my near future so always up for some fiction to keep me entertained.


Am I the only one here that rather have a book?

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It's amazing.

I thought I would HATE digital.  It took quite some time for me to make the switch over.  I was all "there's nothing that can take the place of a physical book.. the feel of the pages.. smell of the ink.."

But, there's a few things that have made me prefer my Nook:

  1. I can have an entire library in my hands.  Which means if I finish one, I don't have to carry multiple books if I feel I'm going to finish one.
  2. I can read things without being judged (I'm a 36 year old man reading Harry Potter right now... I've also read "less than appropriate" materials while on flights.
  3. There's free stuff to read all about -- some of it is good, some of it is... well... not.  But, even if you get the not, there's no harm no foul.

Those pros, the thing I'm not a fan of is not really knowing how long to the next chapter or end of book.  Well, it tells me how far to end of book, but that's no substitute for seeing your progress visually in your hands... and flipping a few pages to find out if you should read another chapter or not.

But, I don't think those things I'm losing are important enough to detract from the things that make me love my Nook 😊

But, I do agree that everyone is different.

You should get a Kindle so you know what page you're on and how long until the next page 😊

I originally got my Kindle due to needing to travel light (I did a Europe backpacking trip one time with like 7 physical books to read...that wasn't fun). Also the Kindle was the "international" version which allowed me to a) download books b) check my email for free no matter where I was/am in the world. Nothing like sitting on a yacht in Thailand checking your email and then lounging around reading as you cruise to the next place. This need is a bit moot now **start of shameless plug** since the new Simple Choice Global plans let you do that right from your smartphone **//end shameless plug**

I do still have a fair amount of paper/hardcover books to read but nothing beats being able to slide my Kindle in my carry-on bag loaded with dozens of books I can float back and forth through while traveling.

awesome Ryan!  much appreciated amigo .. @smply .. i love Nooks too 😊

early thanks to everyone who supports. 😊

and i do have plans to have a hard back / paperback version of it .. just not sure when.

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Plan on Nook version? 😊

once the exclusive deal with Amazon runs its course .. i surely will 😊   but why wait 6 months .. put that Kindle app on your phone man lol

Its seems to be a good book, I will buy the full version... yes I have a kindle 2nd gen.......what never seen a hypocrite before?

haha excellent cesar!  many thanks my friend. 😊

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I refuse to read on my phone. That whole backlit business bothers my eyes

haha understood .. probably why so many e-ink tablets are still active.

I read the book, in the beginning was filled with details, the end was not some much, but still I would like to read the next book

awesome cesar!  so glad you did .. i truly appreciate the time given to check it out my friend  .. and yep i can't wait to dive into that character and world much much more in the next book 😊