Took them 47 hours to prove...

  • 6 October 2014
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...they're in over their heads with hotspots, particularly the Samsung VT-100 BK.

Three times since I've had this model hotspot, and my current account with T-Mobile, I have requested that all texts, alerts and "special announcements" be sent to my cell phone. Which, for a short while (until the original device started to fail and I was sent a replacement via UPS) was the "primary device" on an account for which I was not only the Primary, but the ONLY, Account Holder. I changed that twice as well. This change appeared on my page in fairly good time, and it remained there until I received and started to use the "new" hotspot.

But back to the topic of this rant. I phoned T-Mobile and spoke to a Representative on 3 October at about 6 PM EDT, and again made the request that all SMS to the hotspot be either blocked or re-routed to the cell phone. On 5 October at 5:27 PM EDT, I received one such from "456" marked "Free T-Mobile Message." The text of the Message reminded me "to return the defective device within 7 days", and noted that "A prepaid label has been provided for you with your new device."

Not only was the text sent to the wrong device, it wasn't even necessary to send it in the first place.

Forty-seven hours. That's gotta be a record. Not one I'd be proud of were I T-Mobile, and I'm so glad I'm not. :-)

Rant over.


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